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Your Favorite Battles in the Games?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by PirateKing, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. PirateKing

    PirateKing Well-Known Member

    What are your personal all time favorite battles in the series? Here's a few of mine ranked,

    10) May rival battle on Route 110
    Gave me a lot of trouble as a kid with no strategy when I solo'd mudkip and was 4x weak to Grovyle by then.

    9) Volkner and Flint double battle outside Battle Frontier
    A simple match with you and your best bro vs him and his best bro. The fight with Red and Blue in Sun/Moon had a very similar vibe too.

    8) Cheren on Route 10
    The tension and buildup to what you would be doing after is what made this fight full of emotion and really satisfying for his character.

    7) Battle with Evice in Realgam Tower
    Here for his great strategies, like Skill Swap Slaking, and I love the setting

    6) Greevil on Citadark Isle
    7 pokemon, 4 of them legends, and you actually have to catch them!

    5) Ultra Necrozma
    One of, if not THE hardest fights in the series, I remained unspoiled on his appearance and his music is absolutely incredible

    4) Victory Road Wally in ORAS
    Probably one of the best displays of character development in the series displayed in full force.

    3) Red on Mt. Silver

    Dont even need to explain this one

    2) Kukui "champion" battle in SM
    First time in all 7 generations I had no idea who the champion would be and I love the twist that it was him all along, and was the best payoff to the question of where was the starter strong against yours? Mostly this high on the list because of the music. Hau was just ok, I think I'll warm up to it over time, but Kukui was the best.

    1) Final Rival Battle in Kanto
    I dont think anything will top this final battle for me. I absolutely love how Blue was your final obstacle after the whole game, your journey starts and ends with him. His team has counters to every single mon you could possibly throw at him, his music was awesome and the best part is how personal and satisfying this victory is for the player.

    Honorable mentions I love just as much: N/Ghetsis in BW1, Rayquaza and Deoxys battle in ORAS, Any Frontier Brain, Serena victory road battle, Kyogre in ORAS, Giratina in Platinum, Giovanni in USUM, probably a ton more I cant think of atm.
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  2. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    My favourite battles would have to be...

    • Cheren and Bianca in Black/White. They go from kids just starting out on their journey to competent trainers, especially with Bianca not being able to leave on her own at the beginning due to her father not allowing her. Their battles in Black 2/White 2 are also great as Cheren, now the Gym Leader of the Aspertia Gym, meets up with you in the Pinwheel Forest for Double Battles and Bianca keeps her final team from the originals if you did the Memory Link.
    • Cynthia in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Black/White and their sequels. Possibly the most challenging Champion battle to date, Cynthia is also a very helpful character throughout the Sinnoh games, taking you to the shrine to Dialga and Palkia in Celestic Town and even venturing with you into the Distortion World in search of Giratina. Her battle in Black took me a little by surprise as I was underlevelled, but it's fun and challenging all at once.
    • The Champion battle with Professor Kukui in Sun/Moon. You're on your way to becoming Alola's first-ever Champion, but there's just one more obstacle in the way before you do that - the Professor. Probably the very irst time we've fought a regional professor in the games (apart from that rumoured battle with Professor Oak way back in the original Red/Blue).
    • Red in Gold/Silver/Crystal and HeartGold/SoulSilver. Says it all.
    • Similarly, Red and Blue in Sun/Moon.
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  3. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Optimistic Airhead

    Here we go:

    1) Final Battle against N in Unova League
    2) Final Battle against Blue at Indigo Plateau
    3) Cynthia in Sinnoh League
    4) Battle against Ghetsis in BW
    5) Red on Mt. Silver
    6) Iris in Unova League
    7) Battle against Cyrus in the Distortion World
    8) Battle against Mother Beast
    9) Battle against Wally on Victory Road
    10) Title Defence against Kukui
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  4. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Who's the Mother Beast again?
  5. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Optimistic Airhead

    It's Lusamine fused with Nihilego.
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  6. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Oh, her. That was a pretty memorable battle too, because of her frighteningly strong Pokémon with angry/sad faces, and the surroundings in which the battle is fought. That was a turning point for Lillie, as she's finally standing up to what her mother has been doing at the Aether Foundation and her all-consuming obsession with the Ultra Beasts.
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  7. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Optimistic Airhead

    Yep, it was a very unique battle imo in terms of character development and seeing her Pokemon's angry expressions was also unexpected too so I think it deserves more recognition than let's say Ultra Necrozma. I found SM's plot way better than USUM's so I was more invested in this.
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  8. Akkipeddi

    Akkipeddi Yahallo

    1) Final battle against N: This battle was such a climatic battle. Everything in the game culminated to this point, and it was you vs N, a clash of two different beliefs, and more importantly, the battle that was going to determine Unova's fate. The mood was helped by the fact that N used his own legendary dragon.

    2) Championship battle against Blue: The OG rival, who was always one step ahead of you, and an absolute dick throughout the journey. And now, we find that he's the champion of Kanto. What better way to claim the championship, against this arrogant rival and wipe his smirk off once and for all.

    3) Ghetsis battle in BW2: I find this Ghetsis battle slightly more epic than BW. It has been revealed that Ghetsis was indeed pulling the strings for Neo Team Plasma, and in these 2 years, he's lost it. After straight up attempting to murder the player, and getting saved by N, it's time to take down this mad man once and for all.

    4) Championship battle against Cynthia: The hardest champion till date. Epic battle accompanied by epic music.

    5) Ghetsis battle BW: After defeating N and making him come to his senses, this monster reveals his true colors. N was a puppet all this time, and it was infact this despicable man who plotted everything from the begining.

    6) Final Cyrus battle: Even after getting dragged to the reverse world, Cyrus doesn't have an ounce of remorse or shame. It's time to finally stop him, in the awesomely mysterious reverse world.

    7) Giratina battle: Immediately after Cyrus, the mysterious Pokémon finally shows up. Awesome design, with an awesome as heck battle theme.

    8) Battle against Red: You climb all the way to the top of Mt Silver, and who do you find? The legendary hero from Kanto, who was referenced numerous times during your journey in Johto and Kanto.

    9) Cheren battle in route 10: The final battle against Cheren in BW, and it wasn't simply a battle to test which trainer was stronger. This battle had a lot of emotional weight to it, as it was the last time before the player headed to stop N.

    10) Ultra Necrozma: Seeing this massive light dragon and with an outstanding battle theme really made this battle feel pretty majestic. Hard as balls too. However, I only ranked it at no. 10 since the buildup to Ultra Necrozma and Ultra Megapolis felt shoddy.

    Honorable mentions go to: Wally battle in Victory road (ORAS), Championship battle against Steven, Championship battle against Lance and Mother Beast battle.
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  9. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    And that Hydreigon too. [​IMG]
  10. NanoMoltres

    NanoMoltres Pokemon Ranger Nano

    ~ Wiping the smug look off Blue's face in a championship bout
    ~ Red's blistering Mt. Silver confrontation
    ~ Wally's final confrontation in ORAS
    ~ Ultra Necrozma's wrath
    ~ Final Battle of ideals with N
    ~ Confrontation with Zinnia
    ~ Confrontation with Cyrus
    ~ Championship bout with Cynthia
    ~ Confrontation with Nihil-mine
    ~ Championship bout with Professor Kukui
    ~ Run-ins with Miror B. in XD
    ~ Vs. Rider Willie in XD (Just because I really like his theme.)
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  11. Ignition

    Ignition Stop neglecting my sad bois GameFreak.

    10) Vs Giratina. That music & the Distortion World still sticks with me
    9) Vs Ghetsis: Only thing I like is the music but I couldn't wait to destroy this terrible character. Give him props for shutting down N. Wish I could've done that
    8) Vs Lysander (final): The background made he feel like I was actually fighting in hell.
    7) Vs Gladion: 2nd favorite rival and him trash talking Hau gave me a first good impression
    6) Vs May @ Cycling Road: infamously hard
    5) Vs Cyrus: Actually wanted to help this guy but feeling him being beyond reason actually gave me a sad but deadly feeling
    4) Vs Mother Beast: The background, music, and the mean looks of all her Pokémon made me feel like she's from a distant world. Best villain fight
    3) Vs any Totem: Man the Totem battle theme might just be the best theme in Pokémon. Much better feeling than any Gym Battle. If I had to choose one, probably Wishiwashi
    2) vs Kukui: This was the first plot twist ever in Pokémon that had me actually surprised. The build up with the frequent meet ups with Kukui, the amazing background, and the godly theme had my at tears of joy.
    1) Vs Cynthia: The best Champion from the best region. This felt personal as I found out she was the Champion and I felt a mixture of emotions. She felt like a mentor and it was my time to prove how much I improved. She's the only Champion to knock out any of my Pokémon and it was left down to my starter and her ace Garchomp. The feeling of victory made me so happy I couldn't stop smiling about it.
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  12. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    When I was younger, I kept getting stuck at the Cycling Road because I would only use Combusken against her Marshtomp. (This was in the original Ruby.) But when I fought against her in the remake, I was wise enough to have other members in my team.
  13. Ignition

    Ignition Stop neglecting my sad bois GameFreak.

    I had a Grovyle (which only got Absorb for awhile), Taillow, and Gulpin/Electrike. Team was lacking so bad
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  14. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    I'm guessing you'd only just caught the Gulpin and Electrike, and for some reason your Taillow never evolved. Treecko doesn't get a lot of offensive Grass-type moves early on, but when it becomes Sceptile, Leaf Blade for the win! :D
  15. XY&Z Legend

    XY&Z Legend Hitting the high tide!

    It's been a while, but here are my favorite battles:

    10) Ultra Necrozma: Take Tobia's overpowered team and put them together with Alain's god-tiered Mega Charizard X and what do you get? Ultra Necrozma's got a ultra stats boost that it will completely kill your team in a matter of minutes. Even if I trained my pokemon to the fullest, Necrozma still hit harder like a tank. If Arceus is a god, then Ultra Necrozma's the devil!

    9) Final conflict with Zinnia: Immediately after dealing with Rayquaza, you go up against the know-at-all Messiah that's been a nuisance throughout the entire Delta Episode. I find it so satisfying to destroy her entire team using the very weapon she wants to obtain, even more satisfying when I don't use Rayquaza at all. Whether you love Zinnia or hate her, she deserves to pay for all the things she's done, from trash-talking Steven to stealing your friend and Wally's key stones. Back then, I used to shout "Onore Dikedo" because of her claims on alternate universes and messing up the timeline. In case you're wondering what I meant, it's all Decade's fault!

    8) Mother Beast: I wasn't expecting fight Lusamine as a jellyfish monster . Her team is also hard to take down as they are all powered-up. Still, It would have been awesome if she had used a Nihilego in her team or if she fights you as a pokemon herself.

    7) You & Silver vs. the Double Dragons: What's not to love about this battle. You are partnered up with an edgelord of a rival against Lance & Clair, two of the world's strongest dragon trainers. Seeing the two trainers, who were always at odds with each other, fight together puts a smile on my face.

    6) Wally's Victory Road battle: Seeing him grow into a strong trainer is a magnificent development. Plus, his team is also powerful and very diverse. I find myself feeling bad about beating him, since he really is putting up much of a fight, but it's a great one nonetheless. I'm proud of Wally on how he's grown. Who doesn't love Wally's theme? It's over 9000!

    5) Kukui's final test: This one's a breather. After having to battle someone who's already at the top of the throne, I find it awesome to actually earn the title for myself. Who's the person to stand between you and the title is none other than the professor himself. I always wanted a pokemon professor to be the final boss, and Kukui doesn't disappoint. Kukui's team is well-balanced and has tons of strategy in his arsenal. What a clever way for Game Freak to celebrate Pokemon's 20th Anniversary with a fight with your mentor.

    4) Championship battle with Steven (ORAS)/Cynthia: I can't decide which one's better since I liked both of them. Both have very good teams and awesome battle themes. Steven's there because you're fighting an awesome trainer with a strong-as-heck Mega Metagross, my favorite mega pokemon. Cynthia is definitely the hardest of the two, in fact, you'll have to work much harder to defeat her. I lost to Cynthia once before but after putting some effort into my team, beating her has never been so satisfying.

    3) Anabel's return (S&M): I never played Emerald, so I never got to fight her. However, the character grew on me over time and I was disappointed she didn't return in future games since Emerald. When Sun & Moon came out, I was overjoyed to see Anabel return not as a Frontier Brain, but having become an International Police officer. She's definitely earned style points for having the best redesign in the entire series! Anyways, even without her legendaries, Anabel's team is still well-balanced with full of counter strategies that hit fast and hard. Having to fight her in the post game the very first time I met her caught me by surprise. Though Anabel may not look like a champion, she's definitely one in my book!

    2) Showdown with Red at Mt. Silver: No objections here. After becoming champion and earned another 8 badges, you've come face to face with the legendary trainer, Red. Red's no ordinary champion; he's the "Ryu" of the series! Red's entire team is diversified with a balance of power, speed and defense to boot. Fighting with Red not only proves you bested a champion but also became the world's strongest trainer. His return battle in Sun & Moon does not disappoint as it gives you another chance to prove yourself that you're the strongest.

    1) Champion bout with Iris (B2W2): I know we've seen this before with Wallace in Emerald, but I find Iris' development as a Champion to be the most satisfying. Being the youngest champion to date has to be the greatest accomplishment any trainer would achieve! True to her title, Iris' team is packed with well-rounded heavyweights, 3 of which are powerful dragons. What bothers me the most was her Haxorus having a Focus Sash after landing the killing blow, which caught me off guard. Fighting Iris as a Champion has to be one of my favorite battles as you are fighting someone who is as young as you are and has nothing to lose. Also to note, her battle theme has to be one of the best pieces of music written for the series. Props to Junichi Masuda & Go Ichinose for their hard work!
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  16. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    It has a real power-metal vibe to it, probably the first time Pokémon has ever done that kind of music.

    I was actually pretty underlevelled when I and Silver (or America as I called him) went to fight Lance and Clair, I think we were in our early to mid 60s. Still, my team somehow took down three level 75 Dragonites all by themselves. And I didn't get a blackout. :D

    Iris' Champion theme kind of reminds me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. Appropriate. :)
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  17. M.P.

    M.P. Ghastly Gamer

    My favorites are

    - Cynthia battle in D/P/Pt. She was the first champion I ever fought and was really challenging as well. It was really satisfying when I finally beat her, and I don't think I've had the same feeling when beating any other champion.

    - Red battle in HG/SS. It was really awesome to fight the previous gen's main protagonist.

    - Ghetsis battle in B/W. Beating him after he revealed his true colors was satisfying (not a much as beating Cynthia tho), and his Hydreigon made the battle really challenging.
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  18. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Question: Why is Ghetsis like Lance?

    Answer: Because they both have underlevelled three-evolutionary-stage dragons. At least Ghetsis only has one, Lance has three. So who's worse? ;)
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  19. DarkPoke001

    DarkPoke001 Dark Pokémon Master

    Red, Pokémon Crystal. What an enthralling event. you felt like the events of Red/Blue actually happened and you were left to face this protagonist in the Gen 2, great for continuity but also a great nod to the games previous.
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  20. Kisai

    Kisai Psychic

    5. The battle against Red at Mt. Silver in HeartGold & SoulSilver. I heard such an insane amount of hype for this battle for years, and it was actually kinda cool. ^^

    4. The double battle alongside Steven against Maxine and Tabitha at the Space Center in Emerald remains very memorable, and one of the highlights of the game.

    3. Lugia and Ho-oh's battles in HeartGold & SoulSilver were pretty neat, especially the intros just before battling them. I'd like to give an honorable mention to the kimono girls. That was an unexpected, yet very neat series of battles that showcased the different Eevee evolutions.

    2. After encountering Team Magma/Aqua at Mt Pyre, an old man gives you a magical orb said to be capable of awakening Groudon/Kyogre, and that doing so and defeating it is the only way to save everyone and return things to normal. With this lead in, going to Sootopolis and confronting said Pokémon felt really cool. It was around this time I realized just how much different Ruby & Sapphire were to the previous Pokémon games, and how much more improved the story was. People cite Black & White for turning things on its head, but I believe Ruby & Sapphire was the one that started it all and set a precidence. Heck, Diamond & Pearl practically carbon-copied it.

    1. But one of my favorite battles of all was against Champion Iris from Black 2 & White 2. There was so much presentation and theater to that battle. The first thing that caught my attention was Iris's appearance. In the first games, her appearance was rather unimpressive, making her one of the least visually appealing characters in the game. However, when she appears as the Champion, she's wearing long, flowing robes, and has a massive overhaul to her appearance. This complete 180 in her appearance now places her as the coolest, and best-looking character in the game. She looks more imposing, more powerful. She looks like someone to be taken seriously. And this is combined with the appearance of her room. Darkly lit, with planets swirling behind her, Iris welcomes the main character. In a flash of light, the room is lit, and the champion herself approaches.

    Just before the match, she gives a speech that begins very casually, and speaks about Pokémon Trainers, and their indomitable will. She then mentions how her will is just as strong. Iris then proceeds to not challenge the main character, but straight up state that she's going to defeat them.

    "Know what?

    I really look forward to having serious battles with strong Trainers! I mean, come on! The Trainers who make it here are Trainers who desire victory with every fiber of their being! And they are battling alongside Pokémon that have been through countless difficult battles! If I battle with people like that, not only will I get stronger, my Pokémon will, too! And we'll get to know each other even better!

    OK! Brace yourself!

    I'm Iris, the Pokémon Leagure Champion, and I'm going to defeat you!"

    As if that opening statement along with this amazing arena wasn't cool enough, we are treated to one of the best battle intros we've seen in the series thus far (and in my opinion, ever):


    The battle we enter is akin to something from a fantasy RPG, in the void of space with stars flying past. Iris then gives us this sweet pose:


    (I like to think Iris simply had a projector light system set up so that it just seems like we're flying through space during this battle.)

    And what does Iris say after you make your first attack on one of her Pokémon?

    "The pain of my Pokémon... I feel it, too!"

    That was a great line.

    Everything about this battle was so beautiful and epic. There hasn't been a Pokémon battle that's pumped me up so much since, nor left such a lasting impression. I can't gush enough about how much I love this battle and all the reasons why.
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