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Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

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Well, my signature basically displays my top six not counting Xerneas, but my overall favorite from Gen 6 has somehow turned out to be Sylveon. I actually love Gen 6 in general, and find it to have one of the best sets of native species ever - far beyond the incredibly subpar designs of Unova and the moderately good designs in Sinnoh - but Sylveon stands a head above the rest of its generation. It's incredibly powerful and bulky, has access to the surprisingly epic Pixilate / Hyper Voice combo, and it's beautifully designed. I'd literally make it the mascot of the generation if I had creative input at Game Freak or TPC. My ace in X is a Sylveon - obviously with the aforementioned ability-move combo, as well as Swift, Wish, and Protect - named Pixel, and he never lets me down!


Noivern and Dragalge are my favourites. I just really like their designs. I usually prefer the cuter Pokémon but there's not really too many of them in Gen VI.


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I think my favorite Pokémon introduced in this generation is Slurpuff. I was rather neutral on Swirlix at the beginning: it was certainly a cute, newly-revealed Pokémon at the time, but I was still waiting for it to wow me. There was something about Slurpuff that appealed me right away that made me say 'I find it so odd... I love it. I want it.' Something about its quirky and innocent look... It has had a well-deserved spot on my X team ever since.

Honorable mentions to female Meowstic (that threatening look and that fur scarf... love it!), Heliolisk (simple but very original and creative design! I also like the evolution method) and Tyrantrum (I'm a real fan of dinosaurs... can't help it!).


Heliolisk because I'm a fan of lizard based Pokemon and I like Electric-types in general. I like Dedenne as well for a similar reason, plus it's cute.


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Pancham/Sylveon/Dedenne/Flabebe line. :p In no real order pretty much.

Of all these i had flabebe/floette on my team on y. I wish i coulda used pokemon more than my starter more, i sorta...rushed through/single trained through a lot of the game, hense why i would like to restart sometime after i trade all my legends and other rare pokemon to a trusted person.


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These are my favorites from X and Y:

Chesnaught - My starter in Y. He's got a beard and looks like a tank!

Delphox - My starter in X. I like the fire mage concept and I adore foxes.

Talonflame - Cool fire patterns.

Florges - Beautiful flower lady. Also, it's cool she has different forms.

Goodra - Big and friendly dragon. It's adorable!

Meowstic - I prefer the male form. I like the change that the female is more offensive and the male is more supportive.

Aurorus - I like dinosaurs and ice types. Also Refrigerate is a cool ability. Plus it has a breathtaking cry.

Xerneas- Very majestic!

Volcanion - Fire/Water typing is cool.


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
SYLVEON! I really really like sylveon :3

If megas count for geno 6 pokemon then i also like mega lucario too. Its just TOO cool looking! also the fact that i have a major crush on the character that has this pokemon in the anime/games. ...that i seriously am always talking about :p


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Fav gen 6 pokemon:

1. Delphox. Granted that it becomes weak to Dark and Ghost type upon evolution, it's powerful move set can offset those weaknesses.
2. Aegislash. If there's any pokemon that deserves to be in a class by itself, then it has to be Aegislash.
3. Xerneas: The Pokemon that breaths life into Kalos. Graceful in every way possible, Xerneas is one that can counter most opposing types.


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My favourite Gen VI Pokemon was Aegislash, along with it's entire evolution line. A haunted sword (and later shield) sounds amazing design-wise and Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash did not disappoint at all. I found it useful early on in the game with beating the second gym and learnt some nifty moves later on down the line like Sacred Sword, King's Shield and Iron Head along with Shadow Claw or Shadow Sneak. Aegislash had great defensive and offensive typing and stats which made it cool, and the unique Stance Change helped with that. It was one of my strongest team members when I used it both in-game and competitively. Honorable mentions go to Greninja (my preferred starter), Sylveon (it's adorable) and Noivern (it had a cool design if a not-unique typing, and Boomburst was great).


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Chesnaught was my favorite starter out of the best batch of starters (imo) we've received since Ruby and Sapphire... the starters' themes were just really cool and well thought-out, but I thought the Chespin line was a really neat design, especially finally giving us a mammalian Grass-type starter for the first time ever. The Swirlix line was another one of my favorites. I love the whole dog/sweets design mixed. It made for a cute Fairy type that wasn't overtly feminine in appearance and I really enjoyed using it in-game too, its large movepool was a blast to utilize. I also really loved the fossils this generation as well, and Hawlucha stands out as well. Its design was very cool and creative, and its unique typing helps it out too.

Out of the Mega Evos, the only one that really caught my eye and attention was Mega Ampharos.


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Xerneas, Zygarde and Dragalge.

The idea behind Xerneas is awesome, and it's quite different compared to a lot of other title pokemon in the games. Zygarde's idea was pretty cool. Made to protect. I really wanted to see a pokemon Z with it... Dragalge was very interesting to me, it's design is quite unique. It's too bad it's not THAT viable in battle...


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Dedenne is my Kalos dreamie<33

That pickup gave me copious amounts of items

Its thieving capabilities yielded me more light balls than i deserved

Super fang laughed in each legendary pkmns face as i threw a luxury ball at it

Its so kuyt, i jus wanna squeeeeeze it to death<33


Dedenne is my Kalos dreamie<33

That pickup gave me copious amounts of items

Its thieving capabilities yielded me more light balls than i deserved

Super fang laughed in each legendary pkmns face as i threw a luxury ball at it

Its so kuyt, i jus wanna squeeeeeze it to death<33

I recently purchased a Dedenne figurine because Dedenne's cuteness won me over. I think it's among my favorite Electric-types overall, and definitely my favorite electrical rodent Pokemon.

Cat's Eye Draco

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Noivern is probably my favorite Gen 6 Pokemon, with Hawlucha running a close second. I really like their designs and how surprisingly diverse their move pools are. And Tyrantrum and Aurorus are without a doubt my favorite fossils ever, for pretty much the same reasons. :p
For me, Pangoro, with Noivern coming in a close second. Maybe it's my Dark-type bias that makes me love Pangoro so much, but I really like its design, and after using one in this run, I've grown to respect it as an absolute powerhouse. My Pandora was good for basically every situation. Nothing fazes her. In fact, Pangoro would probably be my favourite Pokemon overall if not for Simisear (yes, I do actually like it) and Hydreigon.

As for Noivern- well, that's just pure bias. I love wyverns, so naturally, I'd love the Pokemon that's outright based on them.

I actually have newfound respect for Sylveon, too. I tend to rather reset Fairy-types, but my Sylveon in this run, Azriel, actually made me really enjoy using one. I mean, sure, I'd still call Fairy one of my least favourite types purely because the designs of a lot of its Pokemon (it's not just them- Poison's actually gone down in my list of favourites because I don't care for a lot of the Pokemon in the type), but because of Azriel, I'm actually really looking forward to using more. So I'd say Sylveon's a favourite for that reason alone- making me respect a type I once resented.


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One of my favorites is, as odd as it seems, Klefki. I really came to like using it despite not initially intending to
Deffo Xerneas - just looks so powerful and strong and i like ones that are similar to real animals. Like superhero animals!

Maybe that's not a very original answer but it's very cool
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