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Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

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Here are my favorite Kalos Pokémon:

Fennekin-Braixen-Delphox: I thought Fennekin was cute. And I thought Delphoc had a great design and typing.
Froakie-Frogadier-Greninja: Great water types to uses and really fast.
Flabebe-Floette-Florges: I liked these fairy types and they were fun to use
Skiddo-Gogoat: I like their typings and designs as well. And you could ride on them
Pancham-Pangoro: I love them because they are pandas and their typings are good too
Helioptile-Heliolisk: I just like their typings and designs in general
Tyrunt-Tyrantrum: I think it's an awesome dinosaur Pokémon with a great typing and moveset.
Amaura-Aurorus: I also like the typing and movesets of these Pokémon
Sylveon: I love all the Eeveelutions and Sylveon is really pretty.
Hawlucha: It's really interesting and I like the typing
Goomy-Sliggoo-Goodra: They are really interesting and I liked Goodra's design. I also like the movesets too.
Pumpkaboo-Gorgeist: I like their typings and I like they are pumpkins. Reminds me of Halloween.
Noibat-Noivern: I really like these dragons too. They are really interesting.
Yveltal: A really cool dark legendary and I love the moveset
Zygarde: I really like this legendary too but I want the forms too.
Diancie: I think it's really pretty and I like it's typing too
Hoopa: I like the typing, use in battle, and I also like it's lore as well

I have no experience with Volcanion which is why it's not on the list but I think I'll like it too.

I like the others too but these are my favorites.


Well-Known Member
Definitely Tyrantrum, as what's not to love about a badass T-Rex Pokemon? Aegislash is another one I really like as well, and not just because of how ridiculously OP it is.


Well-Known Member
I LOVED Aurorus (and Amaura), an ice-type long-necked dinosaur is right up my alley. I love the beautiful sails and ice crystals <3 Definitely my favourite Pokemon introduced this gen.

Top 2-10:
2. Klefki (mischievous side of fairies, great typing, cute design, and surprisingly usable stats),
3. Dragalge and Skrelp (I love seahorse-based pokemon, I love its Poison/Dragon typing, and I love it and its pre-evolutions dex entries, Skrelp is also a major cutie),
4. Delphox and Fennekin (Fire/Psychic is a combination I love almost as much as Ghost/Fire, I think its the perfect end to the Fennekin line, still my favourite Gen 6 Starter),
5. Mega Sableye (I've always loved Sableye and getting a Mega-Evo made it so much more usable and I love its giant gem),
6. Gogoat (A great grass-type, I love how its horns are used in feeling connections), I loved using Sawsbuck and this felt like that but better

(I was going to use the non-legendary ones if we had returned to Kalos):
7. Carbink (I love its design and lore)
8. Goodra and Goomy (I still feel like it needed a water-typing, but Dragonite and its line is also heavily associated with water and they don't have it...would have been nice if the goo monster got stab from Aqua Tail, but i still love it and Goomy. Actually, first pseudo-legendary line I've liked this much since Dragonite)
9. Noibat/Noivern are heavily liked, and for good reason.
10. Mega Diancie is beautiful and I love it

Honourable mentions:
Trevenant and Gourgeist (I adored both, I love the typing and dex entries, I'm not sure what held them back, their stats are pretty okay but I think others just always won out over them, I may still potentially use one or both in future),
Heliolisk and Helioptile (I felt it was great but it never quite fit in to my team, plus I didn't really like its Normal typing),
Malamar and Inkay (not my type of pokemon in terms of its uses, but I love its typing and design),
and Furfrou

I appreciated the additions of Mega Ampharos, Mega Mawile, Mega Banette, Mega Sceptile and Mega Absol, I also appreciated Mega Heracross, but I'm not all for its design.

Xerneas and Yveltal have great designs, and I really like their concepts. I just don't feel all that much towards them as box legendaries. We never really learned all that much about them. They are an honourable mention, but as a whole I'm not that passionate about them. I'm scared of birds and yet I picked Y version, but I don't really regret that, I do like Xerneas and its life giving aura but something about Yveltal makes it win out for me. I think I like its sleek aerial design and that its bird-like features feel a bit dragonie to me.

I actually don't like Braixen or Sliggoo that much despite liking the rest of their lines.

Erron Black

The Outlaw
Top 10 6th gen for me would be:

1- Slurpuff
2- Goodra
3- Chesnaught
4- Pangoro
5- Heliolisk
6- Avalugg
7- Clawitzer
8- Malamar
9- Greninja
10- Noivern
Personally, my list atm has to be:

1) Spritzee & Aromatisse
3) Heliolisk
4) Chesnaught
5) Talonflame
6) Floette
7) Goodra
8) Dragalge
9) Slurpuff
10) Sylveon
This thread made me realize I don't like many Gen VI Pokemon.

Greninja, Trevenant, Hawlucha and Malamar come to mind when I think of Kalos Pokemon that I like. Design is the most important to me when picking a favourite. I couldn't care less if it's good in battles


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No particular order:
Froakie > Frogadier > Greninja
Fletchling > Fletchinder > Talonflame
Honedge > Doublade > Aegislash
Goomy > Sliggoo > Goodra
Noibat > Noivern

I also really like 50% Forme and Complete Forme Zygarde.


New Member
Greninja is my favourite because I'm kind of new to Pokemon and I got X and Y when it came out. Froakie was my first starter ever. I have since played every single other generation including some randomizer runs, but Greninja is still my favourite :).


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Goodra - Easily my favorite Pokemon this gen. <3
Noibat - The anime showed me a much perkier and more animated side it. <3
Litleo - *litleo_cry.mp3* Such a cutie
Espurr - I just love how cute it looks even though it can be baneful. Lol.


Greninja - Mainly for its HA Protean. But I also love its design albeit it took me a while to do so bc I didn't quite understand it at first. Lol.
Aegislash - Not a fan of its design, but it's a beast in battle.
Contrary Malamar - This bad b-tch is ready to scalp some Pokemon bald. However, it can be a bit predictable. </3


Florges line - I really love their elegance. <3
Aurorus - *aurorus_cry.mp3*
Delphox line - Pretty girls rock. <3


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Inkay, if due to it being a Team Rocket Pokemon in the anime. Gourgeist isn't far behind due to similar reasons (if you're with the Trio, you're bound to ask for a hug). Pancham and Florges I also found endearing due to the anime versions.

Design wise I like the Fennekin evolution line, and Tyrunt I agree is a great cartoon T Rex that should have been thought up earlier.
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Erron Black

The Outlaw
Well I usually go with my favorites of each type:

Bug: Vivillon (uhh yeah)
Dark: Malamar
Dragon: Goodra
Electric: Dedenne
Fairy: Slurpuff
Fighting: Pangoro
Fire: Pyroar
Flying: Noivern
Ghost: Aegislash
Grass: Chesnaught
Ground: Diggersby
Ice: Avalugg
Normal: Heliolisk
Poison: Dragalge
Psychic: Meowstic (Male)
Rock: Aurorus
Steel: Klefki
Water: Greninja/Clawitzer
Fairy: Sylveon

Water: Greninja

Dragon: Tyrantrum, Noivern and Goodra

Electric: Dedenne
It's very difficult for me to pick. There are a lot of contenders. Right now i'd probably say Heliolisk. Cool design, typing and stats. However I was quite fond of majority of the 6th Gen Pokemon.
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