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Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

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My Top 12 Fully Evolved Kalos Pokemon:

Delphox and Gogoat made up part of my team in my first playthrough of Y and both performed impressively. I have never taken to Chesnaught and Greninja just doesn't do it for me, but I love Delphox. I kinda wish Gogoat was part rock or something, but it's good as it is.

Meowstic, Sylveon, Pangoro, Aurorus and Vivillon all made up part of my team when I played through X the first time. I greatly enjoyed using them all. It's just a shame the starter I chose was Froakie as I got bored with using it and replaced it with Mega Charizard X (which I also came to feel was overrated)

Talonflame is Staraptor's fiery cousin, and I love Staraptor. Too bad it takes so long to learn Flame Charge though!

Helioptile is an electric frilled lizard - what's not to love?

Trevenant is a spectral tree and was the first shiny I got through wondertrade (I suspect it was illegal, but whatcha gonna do?)

And Tyrantrum is a Tyrannosaurs rex in pokemon form. Nuff said!

As for Goodra, I took a while to come around to it, but then I did a wonderlocke in Pokemon Y and one of the pokemon I got was a Goomy called Pancake. I just had to use it and it was a pillar of the team, right through to the bitter end, making it the end of the battle with Diantha accompanied by a shiny Espeon, a Lopunny and Mapleleaf the Serperior.

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
Greninja has been on my team in three out of four of my Y playthroughs: named Bubblegum on my first game, Sundavar on my third, and Espio on my fourth and current. And it is fantastic in battle. Plus, it looks awesome.

Floette isn't the kind of Pokémon I'd normally use, but Tikal, of my present Y Nuzlocke, is great in battle despite being the slowest Pokémon on my team, not to mention that she's pretty cute. My only problem is the long period of time I've had to deal with her having Fairy Wind as her sole STAB move...

And then there's Sylveon, of course. This was actually the first Pokémon I ever used in battle, when a friend let me do the Battle Maison on his game long before I ever got a game of my own. I later ended up using one on my second playthrough of Y, when I went and caught an Eevee on Route 10 before taking on Wulfric because Scrapper the Raichu had a useless moveset.


Greninja, Tyrantrum, Dragalge, Noivern, Goodra, Yveltal, Zygarde, Malamar, Xerneas, Hoopa, and Diancie.


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I love Gogoat and Noivern the most. They have such awesome-looking designs and have very useful movesets. I usually judge a Pokemon by its physical appearance. All of the rest are "so-so" or downright ugly. Pancham and Honedge are fine, but I never end up really using them. Oh, Talonflame is pretty awesome, but then I always end up replacing him with Noivern as my Flying-type in the end. Tyrantrum is another cool-looking Pokemon that I don't end up really using due to its typing giving a disadvantage. Fennekin is great, but it's last two evos could have been handled better.


Almost none of them really. Gogoat, Aegislash, Florges, Goodra, Trevenant and Tyrantrum are the final stages I like, while Diancie, Zygarde and Xerneas are the Kalos legends that I like
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Talonflame is probably my favourite even though I don't actually own one just yet. Every time I face one its moves are devistating. Eventually I'll get round to evolving a fletching into its final stage.


Yancham/Pancham is my top choice because it looks like such a prankster and I like panda bears too. Kalos is like a haven for cool Dark types in general, like Maaiika/Inkay too.


campy vampire
Klefki is probably my favourite of the bunch, cause prankster is my favourite ability, and a key ring fairy is such a delightfully whimsical concept.


Misty <3
Spritzee for sure, if I had to design the perfect Pokemon, It will be something similar to it. it's cute and very majestic looking!


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I typically get attached to the designs of Pokémon that are based on inanimate objects, so naturally some of my favorite Kalos Pokémon include Honedge (and Doublade and Aegislash), Bergmite (and Avalugg), and Klefki.
Klefki is actually one of my favorite Fairy-types in general if only because I was generally indifferent to the Fairy type upon its introduction, and one of my friends, whose favorite type is now the Fairy type, utterly hates Klefki, so I decided to pretend to like Klefki to play around with her, but when it comes down to it, I found that I do actually like Klefki's design and theoretical Prankster shenanigans.

Beyond that, Chespin is my favorite starter, and I tend to choose the Grass-type starter anyway, so that works. Chesnaught has a somewhat un-limber design, but I like the theme that Chesnaught got more than what Delphox and Greninja got, and it's always fun to have a Grass-type that can learn a Rock-type move.

My favorite legendaries would pretty much be Xerneas first, Zygarde second, then Hoopa third. If I was considering all of Zygarde's forms, then Zygarde would probably not even make the list.
I chose X because I liked Xerneas more than Yveltal. Everyone liked to go towards Y because it seemed cooler, but I got attached to Xerneas' design, and now Xerneas is one of my favorite Fairy-types.
I like Zygarde because the Ground- and Dragon-typing is cool, and the fact that Game Freak made a one-eyed snake for a legendary Pokémon is kind of funny to me.
Hoopa's just a cute-looking, mischievous little guy. The Ghost- and Psychic-typing is a bit worrying for Dark-type coverage, but neat either way.


Gives 'em the slip..
Gen VI has too many Pokémon to chose from for favs. I think I said Trevenant and Dragalge a couple of years back, but just looking back this was an amazing generation. It feels like not a single family was introduced "just because" as throwaways like a lot were in Gen V. There may have been a shortage, but there was no lack of content.

Some of my faves...
- Trevenant
- Bergmite
- Honedge
- Xerneas/Yveltal
- especially Dragalge
- Pumpkaboo
- Spritzee
- Greninja

I do like Avalugg, but before we even picked up the carts we knew Avalugg was going to have Magcargo levels of issues. And it does. You can give Pokémon Recover, Sturdy, generous coverage options and even Rapid Spin. If the Pokémon doesn't have the typing or ideal stats it just won't work well. In game you didn't get it until later when you already had Arourus and Mega Abomasnow access. Rapid Spin and Recover aren't that useful in play throughs, so it really didn't shine. Gou could get lucky with Ice Ball, but it was slow and 3/4 of the E4 as well as the last gym wound up resisting ice! But the line is very comical, and Bergmite is utterly precious.
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The Sacred Sword
Here are some of my favorites in Gen 6:

1. Aegislash: It is my favorite overall because of it's typing (Steel/Ghost), the design of the sword and shield, and this pokemon helped me win the Elite 4 and especially the Champion almost single handedly (running King's Shield, Iron Head, Sacred Sword, and Shadow Claw). Also, Stance Change is a wonderful ability that gives Aegislash some versatility compared to other gen 6 pokemon.

2. Aurorus: I'm a huge Ice type lover and despite it's weaknesses, the design of the pokemon was superb and it has access to Freeze-Dry (which is great for pesky water types).

3. Chesnaught: This was the first fully-evolved starter in Gen 6 and I enjoyed ever second with Chesnaught helping me win my battles against Team Flare.

4. Greninja: Great typing, excellent movepool + protean makes Greninja a winner.

5. Hawlucha: I've been waiting for a Fighting-Flying type for a long time and Hawlucha fulfills my desire and then some.


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Despite not being my favourite games in the series, I freaking love the Pokémon in X/Y. I think Xernas and Yveltal are some of the best designed legendaries since Gen 3. I also really love the starter's base forms, Littleo, Tyrantrum, Barbaracle, Dragalge, Clawitzer and Gogoat. I'm probably forgetting a bunch, too. So many great designs!


Meowth fanatic
My faves from Kalos are Pancham, Honedge, Litleo, Skiddo/Gogoat, Clauncher, Inkay, Pumpkaboo, and Noibat. Mostly cuddly Pokemon lol.


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Once again, i'll post my top 5 like i did with other generations :

1. Greninja : The first Dark type starter pokemon.. It's my ideal perfect pokemon given that it's speed stats is very high and it's a water type pokemon (my favorite from the series) which make it not only my favorite pokemon from Gen VI, but also one of my all time favorite pokemon so far..

2. Xerneas : The member of Mortality duo.. It's the first Fairy type Legendary Pokemon and also my first Fairy type in my team back in XY.. I like it's design which is great even compare to other Legendary from other generation

3. Aegislash : Being a Steel type it's also have an advantage for me (given that steel is one of my favorite type), combine it with ghost and it become something completely unique.. I also like the fact that it capable to change form which made it become much more interesting as well

4. Yveltal : Another member of Mortality duo.. Just like Xerneas, it also has one of the best design even compare to previous generations legendary.. While i haven't tried to play it yet, i thought that it's interesting given that it's pokedex entry is one of the most terrifying that i ever seen

5. Goodra : The pseudo-legend of Kalos region.. While i don't use it myself, the fact that it's share a lot of similarity with Dragonite made me easily like it a lot.. I guess i'll try to use it when i start Pokemon Y later on..


Just a member
My favorite Kalos Pokémon are...

  • Greninja
  • Honedge
  • Pyroar
  • Gogoat
  • Talonflame
  • Hawlucha
  • Goodra
  • Phantump
  • Dragalge
  • Clauncher
  • Noivern
  • Xerneas
  • Yveltal
  • Diancie
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