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Your favorite Legendary of the 4th Generation

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
This thread is ..... Yes just read the title. You'll get the point
Anyways, i'm interested in Palkia. I'm wanting to catch him badly and I know he will be in my team.
Any other favs?


Yoshi Trainer
I like dialga. I like the sound of time travle I have dialga but i dont use legendary pokemon in my group. I do use Latias & Latios but thats all.


Ash's fangirl
Arceus is my fav, it's a cool Pokemon


i like shaymin. it is relaxing to see her sit down her gracidea flower and shrubs rustling when the wind blows.

yup i like to fantasy all pokemon how they live and behave. lol.


~Setting Sail~
I've had my eyes on Arceus, Giratina-o, and Cresselia. All have great design, as well as excellent stats. I have to say that it's pretty hard to decide between all these options, considering that Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina-a are really nice as well.


Revisiting Trainer
I like Dialga the most. Cool design, I like the color blue, diamond is my birthstone and I like DONUTS!


Well-Known Member
I use Giratina the most. ^_^ I'd been using Gengar in my team and phased him out when I got Wraith (my Giratina). I like Dialga and Palkia, but not enough to use them.


Meme Historian
Regigigas. I had such a good time with my brother catching the 3 regis in pokemon ruby, it just fits that my favorite is the 4th regi.


Well-Known Member
Heatran is my favorite because he has the looks the typing and the stats an because I can use hin at the battle frontier.


Well-Known Member
Heatran is my favorite because he has the looks the typing and the stats an because I can use hin at the battle frontier.
i used to like cresselia since it was pretty and hard to kill. but now i think my favorite legendary would be arceus, darkrai, shaymin :D arceus is the strongest pokemon EVER, with stats and moves XP