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Your favorite Legendary of the 4th Generation

Darkrai is my favorite legendary from 4th Gen. However Girantina Origin forme is a close second(but I do not like Altered forme)


Soul of Silver
Either between Azelf or Giratina.


Elite Trainer
Giratina - Origin

even though I don't have one, Giratina's awesome and the Origin forme looks better lol


Well-Known Member
Giratina is my favorite by far! I also like Palkia and Dialga. :)


4th Gen. Dragon '88
Darkrai ofcourse;] but i like Giratina in Origin forme too.
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Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
Darkrai = Kicker appearance
Giratina = I just love the mysteriousness and the combo dark and dragon


Well-Known Member
You don't see much Arceus fans, and I can see why. It looks more like a Yugioh creature than a Pokemon.

I'll say that Darkrai and Giratina-O are great, Shaymin Sky Forme another hit with me and Manaphy a fun one.
Heatran gets honorary mention for looking like a retarded, murderous land whale.


£зт тhз ¢яαzч σuт
Either Dialga or Palkia, and I like Shaymin too! I really don't like Arceus, but I think it's because I really didn't like the Arceus and the Jewel of Life movie, his voice was just annoying.


Y u mad bro?
my fave legendaries introduced in the 4th generation are: drakrai,giritina (origin), dialga, and palkia. i kinda like manaphy cuz u can breed it and it is pretty strong too
i have all the previously mentioned except manaphy and darkrai