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Your favorite Legendary of the 4th Generation


I like land shaymin
I dont care bout stats
Its move is cool and its SO ADORABLE


Either the PINGAS-shaped Palkia, the questionable Heatran, the cool yet cheap Darkrai, or the Sonic wanna-be Skymin.


Legos + Guns = Fun!
;383; because it looks awesome...
Also ;493; since my friend has one at lv. 100 (legit) and he pretty much ****'s the whole universe with it in battles and stuff.
Btw, first post :D
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Emerald 2006

Well-Known Member
Origin Forme Giratina has been my Favorite ever since it came out.
Especially since Ghost is one of my fav types, next to Ice.
I do like Dialga as well. His ROAR OF TIME is so EPIC.
Palkia is a low-end fav. As for other Fourth Gens,
Uxie is a High-end favorite of the trio,
as I trained one a ways back.
Still really cool.
Have a shiny Uxie,

Also Arceus is a mid-end fav along with Darkrai.
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Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
I didn't really like any of the legendary's in this generation, but if I have to choose one, I'll go with Azelf because it's my favourite of this gen's legendary trio.

Dr. Leggs

Astral Cowboy
Probably would have to be between Dialga, Giratina and Manaphy. I loved Dialga the first time I saw it, I love its colour scheme and typing. Same goes for Giratina. Manaphy is so cute, and I love its inspiration from the clione. Uxie takes a honourable mention.


Ghost Type User
Darkrai is definately my favourite 4th gen legendary. Its design is cool and i like the whole nightmare thing it has. Giratina would have to be my second fave because of its unique typing and its appearance.


Sleept too long...
I think I like Shaymin a bit, it's cute and looks like a walking shrubbery. You think that if it rolls into a little ball and carefully place it on a planter, it almost looks like a little bush you usually place near the front door.


Pokemon Wiz/Trader
Arceus more than likely, possible creator of all pokemon and legendaries, even though it does contradict with the theories of mew being the ancestor of all pokemon lol


Reshiram, anyone?
Hmmmm, it's a tie between Dialga and Reshir-Owait.....

then just Dialga, would love to control time.


Well-Known Member

It can control time, great stats, great movepool and most importantly, looks awesome. My favourite legendary by far.


Ghost Master
Giratina in both its forms its great to finally see a ghost legendary. Darkrai is pretty cool aswell :)


*generic countdown*
My fave has to be Azelf. I love its versatile move pool, and it is an awesome sweeper! I like that it stands for willpower, and I like that its blue. It has helped me too many times to mention
Giratina both formes because it's face is so cute =3 And it has the best shiny out of them all.

Darkrai comes second with it's lovely shiny aswell, then Dialga, then Palkia.

Uxie is another favourite because its call is so nice x3