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Your favorite Legendary of the 4th Generation


elite wigglejiggle!?
Mines is Azelf because it's a fairy but also pretty strong when trained correctly :)


We gotta cook
Darkrai. He's mysterious, cool looking, and the only pokemon that the games portray as evil.
i really liked sky shaymin (skymin)
but i haven't been able to get it yet :'(

butmy second fave is heatran ^_^


Flat chest huh?
Cresselia cuz shes beatiful
Azelf cuz hes wtfawesome


Regigigas cuz he's McHuge and has more Attack then Groundon. Mine was named Bigmac XD


Active Member
;491; Darkrai is my favorite of Gen IV.

;487-o; Origin Forme Giratina is my favorite that I can actually obtain.


Imma be
Darkrai HAS to be the best. Awesome spd+sp.attack+dark void comes to be the major legendary sweeper

Iron Beast

The Eon Pokemon
Giratina is awsome. I like how you can change its forme by givin it the geuisturous(spelling fail xp). Its awwwsome


Aron Is Beast
;491; is my favorite.