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Your favorite mountain you've been to.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Mountain, mountain, mountain, mountain. What's your favorite mountain... that you've actually been to?


I haven't been to any mountains abroad, but I really loved hiking around Mount Snowdon in Wales. Its so beautiful in the spring, hopefully the region designers took notes when they made Galar.

Cat's Eye Draco

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I've been to the Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rainier, but the Smokies are the ones that I remember the clearest (I was pretty young when we visited the others), so I guess they'd be my favorite.
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My favorite was this one particular one that overlooked the town I grew up in from the south side. It has no name (that I've ever heard). It was p cool because there was a trail like a quarter of the way up that stopped at an open field clearing and you could pick your way up to the top through the trees and see the whole town. Nice place for a walk or an orgy behind the school or whatever.


Smoky Mountains indeed.
Ok, now I can compare. I've been to Yellowstone national park and, oh boy, that was a very exhaustive adventure, but I liked it very much. I would like to visit it again, but I guess I should pack my bag more thoroughly, according to this page. Though I don't remember the name of every mountain I visited there, but every view from it was gorgeous.
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Mount silver I loved battling Red and it was the most difficult mountain to climb up in all of the Pokémon games it had a trickle landscape and very powerful Pokémon inside if it

Also I know where suppose to talk about real world mountains so for real life I would say probably Mt.Saint Helens when I visited Washington state several years ago it was breathtaking and hope to some day return to visit it again.