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Your Favorite Movies


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Resident Evil
LOTR: The Two Towers
Session 9
Stay Alive
Silent Hill
Night of the Living Dead
Lonesome Dove
The Tale of Two Sisters
The Secret Life of Bees
Lion King && Lion King II
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Love and Basketball
Peter Pan (2001)


Rush Hour 3


formerly R. New
- The POTC series, but mostly the first one
- Airplane!
- Bruce Almighty
- Star Trek: First Contact
- Jurassic Park
- The original Star Wars trilogy
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- The Life of Brian
- The Lion King

Say what you will :p

Tim the turtle

Happy Mudkip
I would love the Lion King if it weren't for a certain Matthew Broderick being such a terrible voice actor and making adult Simba sound like a socially maladjusted fourteen year old.

Charizard Champion#06

Spiral Warrior
From ever since when I was a kid Muppet Treasure Island. Classic, I watched it almost every day when I was young. Still funny too.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is my all-time favourite. Sure that sounds immature, but this movie represents what South Park. Having strong themes on popular culture and censorship and modern issues while being over-the-top-funny.

95% will not have heard of Klay World: Off the Table but I think it's Knox at his best before he lost what made him so funny. It's not one of the best movies ever but I still love it.

Metal Gear Solid 1-4... close enough.
Favorite movie of all times has to be field of dreams. Its uber epic.


Well-Known Member
Definitely The Good, The bad, and The Weird.

I have a thing for Korean movies (they PWN Japanese ones IMHO), and that one was so epic I had the biggest smile on and the action and and *-*

I will so watch it again. If only for the very sexy antagonist...

Also, Antique Bakery was lmao hilarious and definitely one of my favs. What can be funnier than a 'master of men' gay guy working for his old crush while being intimately involved with a French guy? XD

Korean movies are made of win. Still want to watch Inglorious *******s though...
The Godfather Saga
Best way to see these is in Chronological order. Amazing to see the rise and fall of an immigrant family

Citizen Kane
Study of a man who is bigger than life, and to see how he isn't so different from us.

Pulp Fiction
To catch a glimpse into the lives of criminals, it was intriguing. Not to mention the best dialogue/

Shawshank Redemption
Just a great story.


I’m Back...
Talladega Nights:The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
GhostBusters 1&2
Pokemon:Arceus and the Jewel of Life
Disney`s A Christmas Carol
Finding Nemo
Remember the Titans.

That`s all for now.


leavers 2010
all the Rocky's
all Rambo's
Happy Gilmore
Billy madison
All lethal weapons
Anchor man

Paj Meen Ah

In For The Kill
Inland Empire
Mulholland Drive
Dancer In The Dark
The Shining

Lots more, but they've affected me more than most other films. I'm not into shitty popcorn films.
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Akasban


*slaps younger me*
12 Rounds
Resident Evil
Monty Python (all their movies)
The Simpson's movie
Harry Potter (but the books are better)
The Invention of lying
Meet the Parents
Lord of the Rings


Lover of underrated characters
Spider-Man 1,2, and 3
Both Fantastic Four's
Toy Story 3
House Guest
Both Cats and Dogs