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Your Favorite Starter

Which is your favorite starter of RBG

  • Bulbasaur

    Votes: 27 24.8%
  • Charmander

    Votes: 51 46.8%
  • Squirtle

    Votes: 30 27.5%
  • None

    Votes: 1 0.9%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Go to the poll and if you want, say your vote in a post.

;001; Bulbasaur
;004; Charmander
;007; Squirtle


Charmander is my favorite.


Well-Known Member
Charmander. So cute XD. ;004;


~*~ Stewart ~*~
I liked Squirtle. It was my very frist pokemon on Blue Version. I love all evolutions of Squirtle too. Wartortle is awesome and Blastoise is even more awesome. :D

El D

Dem foos is stoned
Charmander. But I like Bulbasaur. and Squirtle is cool to.
I like all of them!


Amante de Jolteon
There's a poll exactly like this in Pokemon First Generation Discussion. Anyway, my choice is Squirtle due to my natural tendency to pick water pokemon.


I got Charmander because my friends told me to grab Bulba to take the 1st 2 Gyms. He's still my Favorite starter.


Well-Known Member
Charmander because it evovles into Charizard, one of the coolest looking pokemon ever.


Bulbasaur. ;001; I've always been one for grass starters [except treeko], and Bulbasaur started it all back in my Blue version. :3


The First Pokékid
bulbasaur because i knew who blastoise or charizard were on the game boxes and their pre-evolution forms and never saw the anime until later so i chose it to see what it can do and it was a wise choice because my brother was complaining about not even passing the first gym because of his charmander. since then my starter has always been grass.