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Your Favorite Tragic Hero/ine

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We all have favorite heroes. something about them or what they do makes them cool. Sometimes they're not eve heroes. But not everyone comes out in the end a winner. What about the Tragic Hero? the good guys or baddies you just love that do everything they can to make things right and in the end still lose it all?

My favorite is Xion from the Kingdom Hearts series. I did't think too highly of her because she seemed like a character they just happen to make for a specific game as opposed to for the general series but over the course of the game, I became touched by the kind of person (lol) she was, especially after her tragic end. Even her theme, Musique Pour la Tristesse de Xion, Music for the Tragedy of Xion, reflects that and I can't help love her as a tragic heroine.

So who is your favorite Tragic Hero?


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Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood: Children of Earth. He killed his own grandson to save the children of the world.

Also, the Doctor post-Time War in Doctor Who.


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Hawke from Dragon Age 2. The character's brother or sister dies at the beginning of the game (survivor depends on class you are), the surviving sibling either dies later in the game, or has to join one of two fraternal orders, pulling them from your party. Finally Hawke's mom is used in a sick twisted magic experiment that turns her into a shambling self aware Zombie that expires in the Hero's arms! If that was my life I'd eat a bullet!

Then to top it off, the hero is thrust into two epic battles that are completely unavoidable no matter what decision you choose! The final one you not only have to defeat the "Bad Guys" but the leader of the "good guys" turns on you and you have to defeat them also. So the last person left standing is... Hawke.

Tragic man!


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Lucas from Mother 3 is the very definition of a tragic hero.


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Dr. Evil and his little finger. He fail being a bad guy.


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Severus Snape... risked his life because he-who-must-not-be-named killed the Love of his Life... personally he's my favorite.
I'm certain I'm going to get trolled for that. You either love Severus or hate him.


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Gotta be Saturos and Menardi from ye olde GBA game Golden Sun.


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William Wallace (aka Mel Gibson) from Braveheart.


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Gotta be Saturos and Menardi from ye olde GBA game Golden Sun.

I'd question this as a tragic set of heroes if I hadn't played TLA, but I think I'm going to have to agree on that.

Second for me would be Lucas from Mother 3. Ridiculously tragic story for the kid.