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Your favourite Pokemon (Gen 4)

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Golden Sun 4?
Title says it all, what is your favourite Pokemon introduced in Gen 4?

My personal favourite is Darkrai, it is so dark and mysterious, and I really like its' design!

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So long
This is a really hard question to answer as there are a lot of Pokemon I like that were introduced this generation. But if I had to choose one, it would be Shaymin. I find its design to be well done, it is one of the cutest Pokemon to me, all generations. I also like its signature move and how it has a theme of gratitude as well as the ability to transform wastelands into living areas with flowers and plants.


Dialga. It was my favorite Gen 4 Pokemon upon its debut and I still think its design is amazing and one of the best thus far. I also like Giratina and Arceus.


Comes out of Nowhere
Shaymin. I loved it ever since it's movie debut and it has been my favorite Pokemon ever since.

I loved its movie so much.
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