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Your first Card


mine was meotwo, first movie promo
and i dunno where it is


mine was meotwo, first movie promo
and i dunno where it is


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I wish I could remember, it would be one of the common cards sitting at the front of a base set booster pack when they first came out. I probably couldn't of told you half an hour later, so after over 10 years there is no chance of me knowing...


The first pack I ever got had a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard in it.


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Mine was a Pidgeot... or a Muk... it's been so long that I don't remember exactly.


Mine was a Bulbasaur. Someone gave it to me as a present.


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I started getting cards in these lots at a store for a few dollars, so I can't be sure.


My first Pokemon Card was a Base Set Charmeleon. Funny story, some kid at school got tired of the game so he threw the card into the bushes and I got it. Traded it the first chance I got for a Diglett card then I ended up collecting more. My first rare card was a Base Set Holo 1st Edition Charizard that I stole :S


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Holo Mewtwo Base, I bought the first psychic theme deck before I ever got any booster pack.


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My first card? Oh man, how long ago was that...
It was from the base set, I remember that much. A Charmander, I think.


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A German Dark Flareon I got at some kids birthday party.
I got 3 base boosters first, and they had a Zapdos and Charizard. Dont know which came first, but those were my first cards.
whole lot of luck there

the first card I got was a base set wartortle given to me by a friend, then I traded that for an Abra.