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Your first Card


oldschool trainer
hitmonchan holographic i dont remeber what set he was from but it was the first hitmonchan card that came out... sadly some guy triked me in trading it for a fake jungle set holographic raichu...


not a fan?
first card I got was a holographic Machamp. But a special addition rainbow card. Later I found the same exact card and sold both of them for $200. >;D


hydro trainer
ha ha mine was a machop that i found on a bench in someones backyard. it had been there for so long that it had been sun-bleached and rained on until it was completely black and white. well, actually a kindof gray-blue and white.


Well-Known Member
hmm first i ever had was prolly an old Ereader Swampert. But first from playing the game would probably be bottom of Ho-oh Legend, because it was first RARE i ever pulled, though i bought a deck at the same time


A base set Onix that got 90HP and [F] Rock Throw 10... Lol... I still have that XD


my first card was a holo charzarid dont know wich set though it was stolen


God of Fire
mine was Base Set Mewtwo
Sister's: Base Set Ninetails
Brothers: Base Set Charizardor i think venusaur and blastoise