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Your first ever Pokémon?

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Pokémon Professor?
Your first ever Pokémon?

{ I did a search but couldn't find another thread like this; if there is one feel free to close/delete this thread. }

Can you remember what you picked and why you picked it?

I recall mine being a Squirtle on my Blue version. It was the only Pokémon I trained, and by the time I was at the E4 it was a Level 70ish Blastoise with Surf, Strength and two other moves. Needless to say, I couldn't beat the Elite Four. <_<; Amazing how that was 8-10 years ago. I honestly have no idea why I picked Squirtle out of the three. ._.;

So, what was your first Pokémon?
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Ace Trainer
My first Pokémon would have to be a Charmander on my Red version.
I just rushed and got the first Pokéball I saw with out seeing the other ones.


Guitar Ninja
my first was bulbasaur and i nicknamed it: "Sunny D" o_O


well, I didn't have a choice in Yellow, so my first was a cyndaquil in my gold version...unfortunately, i restarted my game :(

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
Squirtle on red, other than that, I think it was a pidgey
Bulbasaur. I dumbly followed the guide's advise, which said Bulbasaur allowed for an easy game. Sue me... Pokémon was probably my 3rd RPG. ;)


as with most people, squirtle on blue

i always choose the water starter... dunno why


. . .
Pikachu on Yellow. I had no choice. I wanted Charmander until I found out you could get all the starters later in the game.


Well-Known Member
Seeing as I got Yellow first, it was Pikachu. I loved the little guy though...and if my game hasn't mysteriously erased its own data yet, Shocker probably lives on, waiting to be trained those last 9 levels. [/nerd]

Momoko Lover

Hop, Skip, Jump!!!
I didn't get any games from the first generation until later, so my first pokemon was a Cyndaquil. I'm pretty sure I still have that file in my Gold version, I don't think I ever restarted it, so it probably is in the Lv. 70 - 100 range by now.

Yami ookami

Well-Known Member
Mine was Bulbasaur on red version. *snivl* I miss Bob.

Kris Bambii

Volcano Trainer
My first Pokemon was a Cyndaquil named Cindy on Gold. Then I restarted it and got Totodile. From then on I mainly picked water starters.
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