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Your first Pokemon? Do you still have it?

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Mine was Pikachu in Yellow. I restarted that first file a while after I got the game, though, so I don't have it anymore.

I believe the oldest Pokemon I still have is my Sceptile from Sapphire, which is now sitting on Diamond. It's one of the few Pokemon I've ever managed to get to level 100.


Kanto Region Champ
Um, card wise would be venusaur (first pack I ever opened before I got the video game) but I wasn't very knowledgeable about the card game back then so I ended up trading it for a hitmonchan (which for playing the game, thank you ,you just traded me one of the best cards back in the day, but still I feel terrible about trading it). The video game was Yellow, pikachu, the first one I caught was a toss up between pidgy and caterpie, I just can't recall (I'm pretty certain it was caterpie because I do recall having a butterfree). Absolutely not, but I still have yellow.


My first Pokemon Edition was Emerald and yes, I still have my Swampert and my Delcatty(on my White 2) <3 It's funny to see what a noob I was back then. And I still have Groudon and Rayquaza *is proud*
But the bad thing is, that I don't have my Emerald anymore :(


I'm back :3
My first one was Turtwig but i traded it for a seel in Sandgem town so i would say seel. I don't have it anymore, my game chrashed. i hate r4


A Charmander back in my Red days. It's gone now, cartridge battery and all that. The oldest pokemon I've got is my Charizard from Fire Red. If I hadn't restarted on Ruby years and years ago, I would have had a Swampert older than him, but so it goes. That Charizard is sitting pretty in White 2 now, I still use him in PWT and Battle Subway.


Froakie Trainer
My first ever pokemon was Squirtle on the original Blue version. It became a level 100 Blastoise but I no longer have a gameboy or any games before Ruby. Since I couldn't transfer it past my Silver cartridge, it is gone forever :(


RnG- The Masterpiece
My oldest would be on my original Blue, Venusaur. But that game died many moons ago and you can't transfer them to newer gens, perhaps i'll raise a new one in his honour.