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Your First Pokemon Game


My first game was Ruby back in '03.
I watched a bit of the anime (Mewtwo Strikes Back is what got me into pokemon), and I think I had a few pokemon cards laying around.


It needs a fence.
Firered, back when it came out. Or at least around that time-frame. I got it when I was either 6 or 7, in 2004 or 2005, most likely in 2005.


FireRed. I loved being to scared to fight the E4 with my LV 86 Charizard.


IV Breeder
Red version for GB. **** yea


Howls of Loneliness
Blue version was probably my first.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I started the games with Silver after having been exposed to the TCG and anime for about 3 years (I didn't really have an interest in video games until then).


Water Gym Leader
Pokemon Red was my first game. I watch the first 5-7 episodes of the anime a few weeks before the games came out. After I watched the anime, I was hooked lol.


Tina Tsukumo
Sapphire was my very first game. I had played Silver before that but it wasn't mine it was my brothers. It felt awesome having my very own game and Gameboy!


Sick of Bigotry
My first Pokemon game and video game in general was blue version for the gameboy when i was 5 or 6. Sure I only ever bothered to catch like 10 Pokemon and would beat the game through to the elite 4 in like 2 hours but still I would start a new save and play the game again every week as it was a truly addictive and wonderful title.
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Rev up those fryers
Red version. I started playing a friend's copy and became so addicted.


Behold The Aura!
My first pokemon game was the Red Version, I have good memories with it


Informed Casual
My first game was Red version for either my birthday or Christmas from my parents, then conned my grandma into buying me Blue, then got Yellow anyway :p


What do I do now?
Can't remember if it was Blue, Red, or Yellow, but it was one of them that we first started off with. Good times, nostalgic music, hasn't aged as well as some games due to the flaws in the battling, but it still brings some good memories : )

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Yellow. Pikachu was my first Pokemon ever. I was such a n00b back then. It was the only Pokemon I used, and I taught it Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, and some other damaging move I don't remember. (Because anything that didn't hurt the opponent was useless. :p) The rest of the team was severely underleveled.


1) First Pokemon game was Red around the time it came out (probably), started with Charmander and Charizard ultimately ended up becoming my favorite Pokemon.

2) I honestly have zero recollection of which came first, as I've been trying to figure this out as well, though I would assume the games came first (I was like 4 when Red/Blue came out).


neko, desu~
Hmm. First game for me was Gold, I think, then Yellow. I had a crap load of level 100's on Gold.. then it all got deleted when the game glitched. I loved the anime and cards as well though, I just really can't remember what I did first: game, cards or anime. Hmmhmm.


New Member
My first Pokemon game was Sapphire. I was 7 or 8 years old and shortly after, I started watching the current anime series. Not long after that, my brother gave me all 300 of his own Pokemon cards, and I was entranced in it @_@ It got me into the wonderful world of anime.