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Your First Pokemon Game


FIRST POST!! WHOO!! Ahem, sorry. My first Pokemon game was Platinum, but when I was in third grade pokemon were really big, and i did a lot of tcg


Warrior of Time
1999. That was the year I first sat down to play Pokémon Yellow. Now, I was familiar with the anime (and despite the fact that my parents never let me watch it, I knew that it was the most awesome thing ever) and the card game (which I didn't know how to play.) One of the neighbors that my sister was friends with let me borrow his Game Boy Color for about an hour, and I spent it learning how to play the game. It would be some time before I was remotely good at it, but by two years later, I had the single-player game figured out. By then, Gold and Silver had come out, and the thing that kept me hooked on those games long into the future were the hundreds of hours I spent training my team to become the best on the school bus.

Mr. Combover

Well-Known Member
Since I didn't have a Gameboy when I was younger, my first experience with Pokemon was through the anime, followed by the cards. I did have a Nintendo 64, though, so my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Snap. My first main-series Pokemon game was Emerald.


Well been awhile but pokemon red was how i started makes me feel so old XD.


Pokemon Yellow :) It's one of my favourites, I usually played and most liked the "3rd" game in generations (like Emerald) because of their extended storyline and stuff.
So it's like this:
I Gen Yellow & Red; II Gen Silver & Crystal; III Gen Emerald (sometimes played sister's Sapphire) & FireRed; IV Gen Platinum & Soul Silver; V Gen White & Black2


I first got Pokemon Gold. Good ol' times


1 more day ^^
I first pokemon game I played was pokemon blue, the first one I owned was pokemon red =D back in 1999 ^^

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
silver...silver was the first pokemon game I ever had, perfect game, had all except celebi...and to my horror...it erased one day :(


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Pokemon Ruby will always have a large role in my heart by introducing me to my favourite videogame franchise


Half a centaur
My first was Pokemon Ruby. Loved that game so much. I started a tad bit later than other people my age. Now I'm one of the few who still keeps going.


Emerald Ursine~
Pokemon Yellow *sigh* I still remember how cute it was to watch that little pikachu sprite walk around behind you. I think I may still have it....probably buried under all my other really old games lol


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My first was Colosseum, but I collected the 2nd gen tazoes when they came out, and I used to watch the anime. I was also king of the TCG for a while at my school. It used to go in rotations, yu-gi-oh would be big, then pokemon, and because one of my mates basically ran the playground he made sure that when one went out of style, and the cards became worthless, that I got all of them. Back to the anime, I used to watch it any chance I could get, on sky1, on cartoon network. Advanced battle is the ultimate best, jus sayin


Master Collector
Red was my first game. I remember being absolutely brutal at it for months seeing as I was only 6 ha til I got a strategy guide....even then all I used was my Blastoise to battle ha


My very first Pokmeon game was LeafGreen. I remember I picked Squirtle and nicknamed him with some random assortment of letters, something like elmanjro or something. Hey I was like 8 :D


Pokemon Expert
Pokemon has been a big part of my life since it first came to the States all those years ago. I first started off with the anime just like many my age, which was about 6 back then. However, I never had a Gameboy when the first games came out so unfortunately they weren't my first game, but I was able to play with my cousin's and friend's games well mainly watch. By the time I had gotten a Gameboy, the highly anticipated Gold and Silver had come out. My brother got Gold, but I didn't get anything, however until the release of Crystal my brother and I shared his Gold version. So in the end my first official Pokemon game was Crystal and boy was it an experience. I loved that game to death. My starter was Feraligatr and my crew consisted of Suicune, Tyranitar, Houndoom, Dewgong, and Scizor.