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Your First Pokemon Game


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Well the first game I played was yellow that was my brother's. he let me play from time to time, probably using me to level up his charizard. Then when gold and silver came out, he got gold and I got silver. I wanted gold but that's my first Pokemon game. Ps I like hg more than ss.


My first game was both Red and Blue, it's hard to say which one I actually played first though(Red and Blue were actually the first games I ever played too). I was only five when I got them and I played the crap out of them. Even though I didn't know anything about STAB, what moves were effected by which stats, know all the type weakness/resistance, and other technical know how until somewhere around Silver/Gold - Sapphire/Ruby. I could progress through the game with ease, being able to figure out were to go and how to solve the puzzles(with a few failures of course, that's how you learn ;))


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Mine was sort of Yellow. I stole my brother's and played it for a few minutes but had no clue what I was doing. But the first time I had my own Pokemon game was Sapphire and I've been playing since.


My first pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow Special Edition Pikachu.
I remembered I was young with my dad and I was sick and I was losing my voice, and my dad comes back from work and he says "Look what I bought!"
And i screamed of excitement, thus temporarily losing my voice, but it was worth it :D


I got the special addition Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Togepi, GBC, so pokemon Yellow was technically first, but I was given the red version at the same time. :)
I got Crystal from a cousin sometime before 2003 and loved the game. I picked Typhlosion as my starter and always had a strong Machoke on my team.

One problem was, I started a New Game a lot on Silver, but never saved data so I would keep my main file. Except for one time I was in a hurry and forgot I shouldn't save, but I did anyway. I was not happy...

I broke my collar bone around 2003 and needed something to do. I got Pokemon Ruby and that was when I really got into Pokemon. Haven't looked back since.
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My first Pokemon game was Red that I remember but it wasn't mine. My first Pokemon game was Crystal and I played it 24/7. God that game was so addicting.


First game played was Red version way back in the day. My uncle's owned them and whenever i would go over i'd just play all their games lol

but i'll never forget the day when he gave me his Blue Version game. I put so many hours into that as a little kid. Even when Gold&Silver came out, i was still playing Blue. I still have the game to this day. still works too. haha :p

So many memories of my life involve pokemon, hence it will always be in my life, even being in college now it's still apart of me.

*Nostalgic Tear*

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First game I owned was Pokemon Yellow. I got into the anime first, and rented Pokemon Snap and Hey You! Pikachu a few times, then one day, years after, I found Pokemon Yellow for sale in a pawn shop.


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Mine was Pokemon Dash! XD
Out of the main series,I played Pokemon Pearl (rom).The first game I owned was pokemon black though.And I watched the anime first.I got into playing Pokemon games when I was 18.Late,I know.


Mine was Pokemon Diamond when I was seven years old for Christmas. I was walking in Target with my mom and I saw it and said that I like pretty Dinosaur! I opened up a package that was saved for last and inside was a DS with the game taped to the back. I was so Excited! I remember having a Lv. 96 Infernape with the moves Nasty Plot, Slack Off, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam >_< Then I lost it. I cried for hours! Then i got Emerald.

Here is how it goes:

Lose Diamond
Platinum x2
Sell Red (I didn't have a console for it and it was broken)
Sell all Gen 3 :(
Buy all Gen 3 (FAKE!)
White 2
Black 2


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Growing up I watched the anime. I missed a few episodes here and there but I've seen a lot of the anime. As for gaming? My 5th birthday I was graced with a Turquoise Game-Boy Color with Pokemon Red. After that I've had all the games except for "Hey You Pikachu". Otherwise I'm solid.


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The first game I ever played was Silver, but it wasn't mine. I then played the Gen. 1 games, like my brother's Red version and Pokemon Stadium. The first game that was ever mine was Sapphire.


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pokemon leafgreen <3


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Mine was Pokemon Red - such memories <3

I stopped during Gen 2 after beating Whitney coz it was Japanese XD... then came back to it like around Gen 5... but I played SoulSilver then BW, nya~