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Your first unexpected random shiny?!

My First unexpected shiny was a makuhita. Granite Cave R/S/E
ran into two, ran away from one, then decided to catch the 2nd. I was little so i thought they were just random makuhita.

Evil X

Ruler of all evil
My first shiny encountered was a shiny caterpie in Fire Red. I was completely not expecting, since I was looking for a pikachu. The second shiny I encountered was a shiny torchic in emerald, but my ***** batery died and I did not save! :(


Active Member
i never got one in 4th gen. :( my first, however, was a torchic on my first playthrough of ruby like 7 years ago. i don't know that i've even run into a shiny since.


Mr. F
A Psyduck, in Pokémon Pearl. I traded it with SkittyOnWailord because I didn't like it. :p


Shiny Hunter
Mine was a Plusle in my Pearl game. It was funny because I was looking for a regular Plusle for my pokedex and the first Plusle I come across was shiny.^^
But my first ever shiny was a Unown D in my LG and a Tentacool/Tentacruel in my Emerald game.
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Eclipsed soul

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In thousands of hours of gameplay since the shiny mechanic was released, I've only randomly encountered one shiny. A shiny I was joking about on the forum that I bet my first one ever be.


I was just running around looking for my missing letters for seals for my capsules, and it popped up. I was so angry at first because I really was hoping to get something different...and I had a gut feeling I was going to run into one.

Haven't seen a shiny since then, besides my SR Chikorita I received in about only 10 minutes of work.


Pose as a team
a wurmple that i traded to a friend for a non shiny totadile. it was worth it.

found it whilst walking out of the forest in emerald so for shits and giggles looking at what i could find in there...(that or looking for a slakoth, honestly i cant recall)


Tangy Beverage
I was just making my way through a cave in Platinum, and I came across a shiny bronzong. i was so delighted to find it~. :3

Calm PokeMaster

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My first shiny was a Whismur on a re-run of Ruby. I accidentally started a new one though :(


I make no sense
Mine was a shiny wingull I found on the route before Lilycove in Emerald.

I was pretty scared that it wouldn't go in the last ball I had, but it did.
I think it's on my platinum file now.


♥Heart of Ice♥
My first shiny was a Gastly in Crystal version...
'twas quite random, considering I didnt know what shinies were at the time...I thought something was wrong with my game D: lol


Feraligatr Master
^When I found my first shiny it was a zubat in Silver, and I didn't even notice it was shiny until I transfered it to Pokemon Stadium and it popped up GREEN and I was like WTF!

BigDaddy D

You're on thin ice
Im pretty sure my first was geodude in diamond, which I named pyrite, cuz he's like foools gold. but my favorite was when I was breeding milotic with magic coat. I wanted modest with 31 spec. atk. IVs, but then I found the shiny feebas and just kept him.


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Mine was a random slowpoke in LG, Mewtwo's cave... lost it when I restarted my file though :(

Second was a Torchic from SRing in Emerald, and now 4 hours into SS I found a shiny Ekans while training just outside Azalea! :)


Ultimate Aritist
When I was playing Ruby (a couple of years ago), I suddenly ran on a shiny Chinchou while diving underwater. I killed it cuz I didn't know what it was. >.>