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Your first unexpected random shiny?!


i caught a shiny ratatta near the beginning of the game in soul silver. i was so excited when i saw it.


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That Ponyta mentioned in my sig, which I found on Mt. Ember in Leaf Green.


HG: A shiny Dodou

SS: A shiny Nidoran Male

Platinum: A shiny Electabuzz


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Pokemon Crystal, a shiny Poliwhirl outside Mt. Silver.

More recently, a shiny Bibarel in the Great Marsh that ran away. :(


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A shiny Mawile back in Sapphire. That cave Steven was chilling in. I literally had no idea what the importance of it was. I thought that since it shined it was like twice as strong or something. :D


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My first one is Graveler on SS while LVing up my EV trained pokemon, good that he not explored itself.

Next one is Snover while LV up my pokemon to battle 7 gym.

Last 3 from Black.

Yooterii when EV training.

Landlos when Soft reset for IV and nature but I get Shiny instead.

Next day, after get Shiny Landlos, Hitomoshi when EV training.
This is actually really sad, but I haven't caught any shiny in Gen IV yet. Well, except for the Red Gyarados. And I've been playing since 2008 almost non-stop.


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I've found 3, Budew, Meditite, and Bidoof, but I think Bidoof got lost in a new game or something.


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My first random shiny was a vulpix which I got from breeding (no I wasn't using the Masuda method) and more recently a shiny dugtrio which I got whilst wondering around diglits cave.


If I remember correctly, my first was a Houndour or Houndoom from Silver back in the day. The red sparkles surprised me for sure.


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My first random shiny? A gold rattata in firered. Pokemon mansion was the place. I only had great balls. I was trying, but he wouldn't go in. Eventually, he went in, and I got a shiny rattata!

Same thing in diamond. I was in great marsh, and a shiny wooper randomly appeared. Stupid thing ran away...
Whismur. I can still remember when my sisters began fighting over it when I said I didn't like it. This was 4 years ago when I played Sapphire.

I don't really like shinies, I normally give them away.

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My first in 4th Gen: a shiny Geodude I found in Maniac's Cave in Pearl.

My first ever: a shiny Onix I found in Union Cave in Silver.

Other than that, I've caught like half a dozen random shinies at least.


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I believe the game must have been Pearl in which I caught a shiny Golbat in Victory Road. At that time I had a vague idea of the extraordinary nature of shiny pokemon, so I was pleased...but unfortunately it was an ugly green Golbat.
i caught a shiny ratatta near the beginning of the game in soul silver. i was so excited when i saw it.

Similar to this guy though it was a shiny Ratatta back in regular Silver and long after I had beat the game. Found it in the ruins of the burnt tower.

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For some reason my soulsilver save seems to be a portal to the shiny dimension or something.

I got a shiny slowpoke (now slowking), a shiny tentacool, and a shiny ponyta within about a week and a half time period. I also found a shiny onix while training on Mt. Silver.

My first shiny was a shiny sneasel in pearl before I even knew what shinys were. Unfortunately I left my DS in a friend's car and he made his own save >.<.

I also found a shiny rattata in heartgold.

Yeah... I think that's all of them.