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Your first unexpected random shiny?!

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
I encountered a shiny geodude but I had the most awful luck when I tried to weaken it my pokemon landed a critical hit and it fainted!


My first unexpected shiny was in leaf green a f***ing shiny charmander starter :0 i was like 7 or so,, sow i thought coowl my charmander is gold but i reset mah game cuz i lieked the red charizard more... >.<


My first random encounter shiny in gen 4 was a shiny noctowl, which I found just below the Lake of Rage.
buneary...i was on eterna forest with that girl with a chansey...when i found a buneary shiny!
Her chansey almost killed him, bad i cound't catch him at first because there were 2 wild pokemon in the fight...I caught him, but traded later...didn't like him very much


Aspiring Trainer
In diamond, I was swarming for a nosepass and first one came along a shiny nosepass!! Next, I hatched a shiny Grimer, SO unexpected! :DDD
Last, I hatched a shiny Tepig! Was so awesome, I had to take a double take since I was breeding for natures! Just very lucky~! :D


Water and Ice Tamer.
In my HG,I caught my first shiny which is a Sandshrew using either a Dusk ball or Ultraball .The location is in Mt.Moon and that's pretty much it.


Armored Legend
My first and only unexpected shiny was a Shinx while I was EV training my Gible. It had Lonely nature with Intimidate, but it had Sturdy Body for its characteristic. :'c

Still, I trained it. c8


Beast Tamer
My first shiny was a delibird, which died on the way to my pokeball. Only found anything shinny again in 2007, on the form of a Teddiursa, Saffari Zone. I was so proud this time it didn't manage to simply DIE BECAUSE IT'S SHINY.


Brave Fencer Musashi
I'm playing Pokemon Platinum right now and my first unexpected Shiny was in the Old Chateau Mansion while i was Ev training my Espeon like 2 days ago.. a Shiny Gastly appeared and i was like.. uumm it looks diferent is that a?? and then when the sparks came out .. YEAA its a shinyyy!! =3
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Dawn's number 1 fan™

I was in the Marshy place near Route 209, and I found a Pokemon... ''Oh great, another one'' and yes, it was a Roselia, but it was Shiny!!! iwas so happy. (Oh and that was new year's day!)


Well-Known Member
My latest 4th Gen shiny was an East Shellos. I found it while EV training a Poliwag.
I found a Shiny Geodude in the Solaceon Ruins once. I caught it, an I'm lucky it didn't use/have Explosion/Selfdestruct.


Swadloon cuddle~
After a billion HGSS eggs hatched with a Japanese Ditto to try for a shiny Wynaut, I stepped in the grass by mistake and ran into a shiny Drowzee outside the Day Care. While hatching Wynaut eggs.

The irony buuurrrrns. But I got a shiny Drowzee out of it, which is a cool shiny to have.

Anyone else run into your shiny while hatching for a shiny?
I've only seen one shiny: shiny drowzee. I accidentally Ko'd it. This was at least a year ago and it was on the route north of goldenrod. I had heard that you could get yanmas there so I spent forever looking for one (I didn't know they swarmed) and eventually saw a shiny drowzee. I think I KO'd it with a critical hit. How are you people so lucky with getting shinies? I have _0_.

Master Leo

The Dark Side
well one night on my diamond version, i had to walk through the snow on the route below snowpoint when i found a shiny meditite. i stared at it for about 5 minutes saying "this can not be happening...". i caught it in the 2nd ball.


almost completed Dex
well, last week i was lucky...
i was chaining in platinum for a Nidoran in route 201,
when i was just at the 4th chain, i broke my chain and encountered a growlith, but it was shiny....
it made me feel very happy :D