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Your first videogame?


Rap Rocker
Pokemon Yellow


Wow, I posted in a thread exactly like this a few days ago in the video games section. Who would have thought?


The cake is a LIE
My first videogame was either pokemon Yellow or the original sonic game for the Dreamcast that I got from my parents when I was about 5-6years old


In School
My first was called something like Sonic Adventure Battle 2 for the gamecube.
Shortly after I bought that I got bored with it and started SSBM, which I still play today!


Legend hunter
Sonic 3 and knuckles, good times.
And my first Pokemon game is Blue.(Although My favorite is emerald).


Meme Historian
pokemon sapphire. before that, I just watched by brother play pokemon yellow.


College graduate
My first game was Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit for the PC. It acted up funny and always froze on my horrible eMachines Windows 98, but I always loved playing it and I still play it on Windows 7 to this day.


Damn, I honestly can't remember. I think it was Pokemon....Sapphire? But it was my sister's, so I guess that doesn't count. I guess I would say LeafGreen then.


Well-Known Member
Splashdown for PS2. Still the best game ever.


Sonic the hedgehog 1 was my first game.

Everyone here is reminding me of how old I am. **** all of you.