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Your flag


I alternate between Wobbuffet and Ditto.

EDIT;; Uh, I think you should delete the other threads and merge the topics into one or two threads. I know this forum isn't so active, but isn't it just kind of annoying having one thread for each little thing? :/
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Dark Arceus

Worst. Name. Ever.
The sort of Whirl one. it looks like Poliwhirls stomach, and it might be Psyducks...I'm not sure...
I also use ditto/wobuffet face, dittos face looks funnier but wobuffet flag reminds you of that amusing wobuffet scene in the storyline :D. I occasionally use the small pokeball or the checkered flag. ;123;


.:~Silent Strength~:
Spinda- I love that swirly swirl ^_^
I have a picture of my skull on my flag.


.:~Silent Strength~:
There's a certain order that Smeargle changes the flags to.


Piplup Master
I think mine is either a red flag, or a Poke'ball flag.


Trust..Bond of heart
The Whirl flag. Might decide to change it when I feel like it...
I have the Meowth coin.