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Your Fondest Pokemon Memory

Has Pokemon ever impacted you in a substantial way?

  • Yes, it has.

    Votes: 133 77.8%
  • No, not really.

    Votes: 6 3.5%
  • Maybe, but I can't say for sure.

    Votes: 32 18.7%

  • Total voters
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Ican remember when I first beat Red with only a charizard, back in those days i didnt know english so I didnt know how to capture other pokemons neither to save. Since then I started playing videogames.


*slaps younger me*
Probably when I chained my first shiny, I felt *starts to sing*
So good!
Bam Bam!
So good!
Bam Bam!
I've got you!
Da da da daaaaaa!*jazz hands*


Charizard King!
Before Pearl I had never beaten the elite four. My pokemon couldn't beat Cynthia. Then I managed to get My old team from fire red/ruby.

After years of failing and failing and failing I finally beat the Elite 4 and the Champion. I felt like I was on top of the world


There are way, way, WAY to many to list. Just...my entire Pokemon experience. A few special moments for me were raising my first Pokemon to Lv100 (a Kadabra, since there was no Wi-Fi then and I had no friends xD), beating the E4 for the first time etc.


Fall Apart.
Getting a spanking off my sister for going in her room and stealing her Pokemon games.

Getting my beloved shiny Kriketune. My first shiny. He's dead now...


One of my fondest moments was today because I got Pokerus. o: That's the rarest thing to ever happen to me in a Pokemon game. =D


Aspiring Arteest~
There are way, way, WAY to many to list. Just...my entire Pokemon experience.


But a few moments that really stick out for me was the first time I caught Kyogre in Sapphire (my first legendary!), defeating Red in HG, discovering Pokespe, and...going to the theater to see Pokemon Heroes in 5th grade. Yeah.


<-Love her so...
my parents buying me sapphire for my b day. and getting surprised by all the things i encountered, that really got me into it into it. sometimes i wish i never found serebii so the new pokes would be a surprise...cause now that i know i can never resist looking xD


New Member
finally beating e4 for first time indiamond so good :')


Don't use my avi -_-
Going to see pokemon the first movie in theaters, battling other 7 year olds next to me.

Going to pokemon 10th aniversary in space center Houston. I got my first event pokemon in my sapphire: a level 70 deoxys. I still have it, and used it to win the tournament there. I won a shadow lugia tcg card and pokemon XD gale of darkness. I also 6-0'd my first game in the TCG.

In game would have to be facing my brother 3v3 in pokemon crystal. It lasted SOO long.


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The day I discovered Pokemon.

Thirteen years ago, there was this show I used to watch every day. As soon as it ended, my mom would turn the channel to a show she liked. But one day, she was busy with something when my show ended, so the TV stayed on that channel. The show that came on next was the Pokemon anime, and even though I had no idea what on earth the show was about, I became hooked instantly. I will never forget that day. ^_^

It's crazy to think that the whole reason I became a Pokemon fan is because someone didn't change the channel. :p


Born to Fly~
Doing loads of chores for my mum, and as a present she took me to a video game shop. I remember picking out Pokemon Blue. It was my first Pokemon game ever. Those memories will stay with me for a long time


Island Challenger
Your gunna make me cry here. :') jk

My fondest memory was not in blue, gold, or crystal, but in Emerald because I was really into the animé at that time and I was obsessed with Treecko i still am lol. The sad part is I dont remember the whole team. All i remember is Sceptile, Swellow, Seviper, Ludicolo, and Minun. I miss those guys. I regret deleting the save file. :(

Another memory was when me and my older brother would wake up at 10:00 every friday to watch a pokémon movie on cartoon network. :')

I need a bro! Anyone wanna fill out the bro app?
My fondest Pokemon memories are best when they are with someone else.

PS: When I trained my first lvl 100 Pokemon, Zoroark!


Island Challenger
Beating Cynthia multiple times with My Samurott alone!

*Spiritomb, keep on using double team. My Samurott will use Swords Dance x3 and then Aerial Ace... BAM B!OTCH*


Lelouch Lamperouge
Getting a gameboy and pokemon red for my birthday the week it came out. It was my first game and the gameboy was my first system. I have loved pokemon ever since


Real name is PixL8
Walking down the first route in diamond. I know you people think the first game was nostalgic, but I got into Pokemon around diamond. The music around the first route. <3


Island Challenger
Walking down the first route in diamond. I know you people think the first game was nostalgic, but I got into Pokemon around diamond. The music around the first route. <3

the first route music is always nostalgic!
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