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Your future Career.


New Member
I'm hoping to get a degree in Sport Psychology and hopefully coach/teach football (soccer to you Americans :p) as I have a huge passion for it.
It would be the perfect job.


Active Member
I'm hoping to have a career as a historian for a museum. From what I know, it pays pretty well, plus I'll be doing something I'm passionate about.
The future always seems to surprise me, so I don't really know what my career will look like. I have so many interests that things always come up and suddenly seem like a great thing to do. But I've worked as a games journalist and currently work as a freelance illustrator and author so something with writing and drawing seems to be a logical choice. During my education I've always focused on the creating of games so hopefully I'll be able to combine these things.


The Magical Spriter
I'm either gonna become a computer engineer or start a youtube gaming career.

Dr. Koga

Master Pokehunter
I'm hopefully gonna make a successful youtube account :D

Manly Blissey

Well-Known Member
I went into college with the dream of being a hard-hitting journalist on a major news network, but over the summer I had an epiphany—I'd like to do something within the realm of public relations, marketing and advertising. Yay!


New Member
I'm currently in Highschool and am finishing off my last few credits that I missed. I'm going to in the future go to my local college and then independently design software, websites, video games, etc. likely in a team of people.


Really and truly
I currently have the education to be a professional writer/editor, since that is one of my big passions, but I'll see what happens. :>

Ace Kenshader

Dreaming sexy
Hopefully a video game designer, mainly storyboard writer/artist, as I love making stories. I've also been thinking of being a novelist.


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
It would be cool if I got a job as someone who travels for a living.

Haha, no, I don't think getting paid to travel would ever happen!

But it is good to be ambitious :).


Active Member
When to uni and studied criminology but dont want to be sat in an office all my life so hoping to join the police when I've saved up some money.


Poké Flautist
I'm in first year med school and I'm hoping to specialise in Cardiothoracic Surgery when I graduate but I'll be in my late thirties by the time I'm fully qualified...


Kalos Champion
I plan on studying Architecture when I graduate from school, I'll enter High School in 4 Months :D

I could also be a Musician as a hobby, I have alredy recorded 2 CD's with my other friends, who knows? It could be a full time job :D


New Member
Well, I just finished my last year of school so hopefully I get accepted into uni, but I want to go into either telecommunications or IT networking


Well-Known Member
I plan on getting my bachelors degree in criminal justice after I finish high school in may. I want to do law enforcement.


Let madness take you
I'm looking into something chemistry related at the moment, probably going for chemical engineer.

Also something I feel I should say here. I see a lot of comments scattered throughout this thread about people wanting to get into the game industry and getting a career through youtube. I want these people, who are reading to do their homework; research the exact fields they're trying to get into. Many people going for computer science heading down this route could find themselves hunched over writing essays of code for several hours on end, and I know for a fact most gamers don't want that kind of career for most of their lives. I'm not trying to discourage, just inform.


Steel Trainer
Mainly I wish to be Vet, I just love animals...I'd also try to get into something within the field of biology if being a Vet doesn't work out.


High Five The Sky!!!
Hopefully I can continue my studies in Music and be a producer or ( like previously said. Like 1000 times ) A something in the field of Zoology, either something with pets or with Birds