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Your future Career.


Finishing up my major bussius should be done with in two years. Along with that, my friend might want to move and if he does he is going to leave me his local game store.

In addition to that I'm going to get a minor in programming and design that I might later expand on, that
I can already use the skills I have now with to work the computer side of my family's bussius that my mom does, but more than anything with that will use for a few projects me and my friend are working on.



Legend of Blackthorn
I'm going to school in January to be an Accountant. I already have some classes done from having to take them for my last degree (Business Management) So i'm hoping to graduate by next December. The i'll have two degrees! :D
I'm planning to get in the UWC first and choose later, if I don't, then next year I'll begin to study engineering :)


Medical school is the pursuit (although UM has destroyed my GPA the last several years). Will be studying for MCATs this break and over the next several months, and then applying next summer. Praying that I will get in somewhere in this country. Not sure what future specialty...rather premature to decide before you enter anyway. I was thinking surgery, but then again I want to have more time for future family.


My Future Career involves me working in the Medical Field.
I plan on going to college in the near future, from there I plan on majoring in nursing.
I hope of one day of becoming a doctor, so I can help people and make a difference in there lives.

If this doesn't work out, I plan on having a career as an accountant.

One thing that I do know is that,
Hard Work and Dedication will always get you far in life. :)


Nothing Special
I have a few:

Preschool teacher
cafe owner.
Stay at home Mum.
Stay at home writer.
I have a few desires that I'd like to mention.

  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Graphic Artist
  • Video Game Design
  • Engineer

Although I am young, I do have high aspirations. We'll see how it all turns out.


I hope to be a sound designer and/or audio engineer for video games and anime.

I also hope to be a physics teacher. :)


I'm probably going to become a pharmacist.
My future entails working as a Research Biologist. I am unsure of my field as of yet because I have experienced in entomology/crop pests and botany both but have a huge undying love for animal research. I specifically love mammology and behavioural ecology. I have a big interest in Political Ecology but it's something you can apply to your approaches in almost any career dealing with multiple discipliners. I hope to start a vineyard about 10 years before my retirement so I can retire with profiting grape vines and work at that every day to give me something productive to do. I enjoy wine a lot and it would be nice to be involved in the industry in some shape or form and to have people working under me in order to create jobs! The vineyard part of my future is a dream and something I hope for but the research part is a definite. I currently work as a honours student/student research assistance for my university and federal government.

It's safe to say I am excited for my future and I am blessed in that I can do something I love.


Sableye Enchancer
Forensic Psychology or Forensic Pathology or Clinical Psychology. But I am in Year 10 anyway when school resumes, so still a fair way away.
well I'm in 9th grade and the school board is already trying to get us to pick the Career that we want to do for the rest of our lives. Their stance is that "If you don't start planning your future you will be a failure in life."

so these are the careers I want to do

archaeology ( I grew u wanting to do this ever since I was five and I'm great in history and culture),

professional Bull rider ( well I'm on my high school's rodeo team and gotten first place 2 times for bull riding and a fourth of my relatives are either on the collage rodeo team of in rodeo circuit),

or Rancher ( well my family owns the largest ranch in four counties and when my parents die the ranch will be spilt between my siblings and I. so its logical that I should take a course in collage for ranching)
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Sarcastic Oshawott

Wow such forum
I really wanna be a French teacher so badly

I'm in my second year of learning French right now (high school freshman) but I'm so far ahead of my class my teacher asked if I wanted to move to my third year if I even could ._. I didn't wanna tho coz I didn't feel comfortable with it but I'm really worried that there's gonna be literally no demand for French teachers around 2020 so I might have to go into teaching history or geography instead.


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software engineer. the low barrier for entry combined with the lucrativeness is borderline ridiculous. ive had internships in college that pay twice what full-timers make in a lot of other industries.


Sir Aaron's Lucario
I'd adore to be a forensic scientist. It's something that really interests me and something I love, but something I'm not sure I'd be able to do.

Working on the police force would be something rather interesting for me, perhaps on drugs busts.

Being in the army has been something I've wanted to do for years but something I doubt I'd be able to do, mainly as the people around me wouldn't want me to due to the risks that could happen, despite the fact I don't want to be on the front line.

Also I'd rather like to be on television as a presenter.

Or a teacher would be interesting, but I'm clumsy and shy most of the time so I'd have to do a lot of training X3