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Your future Career.


rock dog
Not sure though but wanna help people with their health.
I have to choose physics and I am not that good at it( don't do my homework :p )
But I have to choose it even if it takes 3x more times than it should take.
I will become a doctor and help people with their health ;)


New Member
Psychologist, I'm starting my second year in college this year, and I'm really excited! I think about it since high school.:D


True Love Never Dies
I'm striving to be a professor of English. Currently in my second year of college, studying English and creative writing, and also working on getting published. If this doesn't pan out, I'll fall back on going into nursing.


Be a Man!
I don't know? Really, I always wanted be a cooking chef, but... I'm unsure about that. I do like psychology, and being professor is one of my old dreams. I just... I ain't sure.


Demon Child
I would really love to become a teacher. My mom is an elementary school teacher and I do work in the school she teaches in as a teacher's aide. I've been around kids ever since I was young and I would love to follow in my mother's footsteps.

I would also love to become an author or journalist. Of course, teaching is what I want to do but if that doesn't work, either one of those would be my backup.


It's starting to look like I want to be a Petroleum Engineer (Fun, I know). It makes a ton of money, and I'm well on my way, as I'm in Calc and can take both Physics and Chemistry next year.


Well-Known Member
I am currently looking at the acting schools here in Fl. I have 2 years of drama completed classes from High School. Also as of back up career, I am thinking about nursing.

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
My future career is going to be in either database management or web programming. Considering I'm very good at both of them now, it shouldn't be too difficult to get into. I mainly want to finish one of my applications so I have a solid reference point since I never went to college for it.


Shiny Hunter
I love math and business so I'm currently going to school to be an accountant. Originally I wanted to be a writer but that's something I can do on the side while I can do accounting for my main job.


Back from the Dead
I want to be an Aerospace Engineer or an Author, favorably both if I can.


Resident Freak
Farmer/Rancher for me.
I live out in the countryside and there's plenty of colleges that specialize in agricultural studies.


Well-Known Member
I'm into computers & programming, but even that itself is quite vast. Still unsure exactly what in it will I do.


Well-Known Member
My strengths lie in history and the social sciences. As far as an actual career, I'll have to get back to you on that. I've had a few jobs that pertain to those, like local gov't and museum stuff. My dream is to be an artist. Graphic design is pretty much my default career, but that's not necessarily to say that I don't absolutely love it, which I do.

I have a lot of respect for mathematics and the "hard" sciences, but that's not where I shine the brightest, though I wouldn't be opposed to going back to school to pursue a career in a scientific discipline if I could decide on a particular area. Environmental science and cognitive science are both very interesting to me.
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Carrie Chapin

The Queen of Meep
I am going to do something with either animals or plants. I could not work in an office I just could not. I could work in a greenhouse or as a veterinary assistant I just don't know yet.


Be a Man!
And there's this sudden dream of being a lawyer, specially a friend of mine told it was really good and the Defender of Justice Akanjão, should do it. Why I'm so undecided...