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Your future Career.


Well-Known Member
For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to major in but I finally found the fit for me and just in time for college.
I want to major in History. I absolutely love it, so I'm pretty excited. I'm hoping on getting into law school one day, but if not then maybe being a college professor.

History is actually a popular major among students entering law school.

Dark Latios

Beautiful Tragedy
I'm currently working on becoming a pharmacist (not a tech). I've easily got another 5-6 years ahead of me (year or two of pre-reqs, four years of pharm school). Thats if I pass the PCAT the first or second time. Very excited about all the debt.. but hopefully my annual salary will be enough to pay it off quickly.


Blue Rose Princess
I (hope to be) will become a visual kei rockstar/popstar in Japan and play lots of music and video games for youtube, and be famous and watch anime and play music and video games all day and have a cute japanese girlfriend etc

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
I hope to become either a newspaper journalist or a businessman. The former is probably better for me based on what I'm good at and enjoy doing, but I feel the latter is more interesting. I wanted to become a writer before all of this, but the fact that in most instances you either need to have another job to pay bills as you write or you need to write years earlier to publish the book and make money from it. Plus I'm not exactly inspired to write at the moment. I don't know; my options are in a few months and I need to choose soon.


Loves pizza
I'm actually not sure yet :/ even though by the end of this year I have to decide, I'm not really perfect at anything, nor do I have any kind of skills, still in the thinking process


Poison Moth
Im afraid of choosing a course because it might lead me to something I might not like.. And when you choose something, you have to live with your decision.

But rn I find Call Centers and maybe modeling to be interesting options


New Member
I want to study Literature because there is nothing else I really like. However, I´m afraid that it may not be the greatest choice and that I may not find a job. I really don´t know what to do, and I have only 2 months left before my choice is carved on stone.


it's my favorite
for me, I would like to travel and maybe teach. I also would like to be an article writer for a game magazine or something. possibly something political too. On other words, I want to live a full life as a career :D


rock dog
2 days left and I have to decide.

I'll probably go to the health sector and become a dentist

*cough* 10 years to go yay *cough*


Well-Known Member
I am on a heavy vehicle maintenance apprenticeship right now. When that is over I hope to get my HGV license from the company as they have promised :D. From then on I will probably stay where I am now for a while, then move on to another truck workshop. After that I would not mind becoming a truck driver.


Loving animals, I would LOVE to get a degree in zoology / biology and just get whatever job I can where I can physically work with animals. <3 That's my dream.

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
I will become a lego master thats actually what they are called they design and build the lego models. the only problem s that i would have to learn Duch.


Well-Known Member
personal trainer and martial arts instructor



Trainer in training
Animator/ narrative designer (depend on what I will find) and ultimatly creative designer for video games.


Lion Master
Come to me with all your ACCOUNTING needs, I promise I won't steal your money because i'm ACCOUNTABLE. ;)


Local Cryptid
Going to be a veterinarian. Think I may be a wildlife one not your typical one that takes care of common pets and that. Only about one or two months before I graduate from high school. ^-^