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Your future Career.


commie bastard.
it's always been my dream to go places. like, anywhere to be precise, i don't really care. i just want to travel all around the world and visit every country i can before i die. i love culture and i love experiencing it. i've never been out of country before so during college i plan on getting as many opportunities as i can to visit foreign places. other than that, job-wise, i want to be a psychologist or anthropologist who writes novels on the side.


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Even though it's been over a month since a post was last made here, it's not really bumping if it's still on the front page, right? Because I have an idea I really, really want to share.

So my sister has had her sights set on becoming an entrepreneur and starting up a fancy restaurant. Me? I want to work with exotic animals, so I was planning on becoming a zoologist and probably working at a zoo of some sort. So these two things have nothing to do with each other, right? Well, my sister mentioned today that she wanted to have fish tanks in her restaurant. We both had always liked looking at fish in restaurants that had them, but then inspiration hit me, and I decided she should take it to another level.

Imagine that there was a restaurant - I nice restaurant, I mind you, as my sister plants to be a professional chef - and in this restaurant, there are large, glass windows. On the other side of the other side of these windows, there are relatively small, exotic animals on exhibit, preferably ones that don't need a massive territory space to be happy. Perhaps it can even be connect to a pseudo-zoo, where you can look at the exhibits from other sides without really needing to eat at the restaurant. As for what animals, I don't know. It's going to take some research, but my dad recommends meerkats. I personally hope I can find a species of lemur or wild cat that can be happy with a small-ish habitat.

It's an expensive and ambitious idea, I know, but I'm really motivated to do this. I can picture it now: A large poster asking for money donations to help care for the animals, captained with the phrase "Don't Forget to Leave a Tip".


perpetually tired
For me. doing some sort of experimental research related to condensed matter physics. I'd say a professor, but given how bad academia is falling apart, it's probably best for me to look at research opportunities elsewhere.
Ideally, I want to pursue a degree in history, focusing on religious history. Perhaps get a minor in English and develop my writing skills. I mean, I don't think I suck but it's only a knack, and I'm hardly a professional. I'd use the knowledge I gained in university to hopefully become an author and advocate for secularism in the U.S. I'd really love to work for the Richard Dawkins foundation for science and reason, or be a speaker that tours around the country. I don't expect to be the next Antony Flew or whatever, (Before he became out of touch, anyway) but I think I'd be happy doing something like that.

You've my support, I'm going through Sociology and religion to be able to offer up a sociological perspective on things in order to help revert some of the damage that religion has done. I want to vastly improve education and public freedom, and understand different mindsets in order to find a way to best deal with each.


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I think I want to be a Veterinarian, but I feel pressure to just become a doctor or dentist to make more money. Vet would be a much better fit though. I want to do an ability measure that this book I was reading recommended, but I have to save up money and I don't know if it will even be worth it.


Back from the Dead
An engineer or a detective, though most likely the first.

shadow wolf

The one and only!
My current plan is to enter the video game industry as a programmer, and work my way up to designer. Dream-wise I want to have my own design and development studio. That's if I do end up there and doing it anyway.


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An engineer i guess, i love math and physics, and i heard good engineers make a lot of money. But there are like,10 kinds of engineering,so I don't know what to do.


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I used to want tp become a doctor, but I want a family I can spend a lot of time with. So, I plan on becoming a dentist/orthadonist (braces). They make good money, and they pretty much get to make their own schedules. Plus, I don't think I'd have to go to school as long. But, who knows, things could change these next four years in high school.


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I aspire to become a music composer in the gaming industry.

I get my first degree this year, so I hope it gets me where I need to go.


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Eventually I'd like to go back to school and work towards a Doctorate in Zoology. And after studying animals in the field for a few years/ decades (as long as I can); start teaching at the College level. My ultimate goal being the discovery of a new species. I'd also like getting into filmmaking some day.