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Your future Career.

Wanted to be a journalist before, but realized that its an easy job to get entry into with freelance (which I did for a little while) but hard to advance and make a lot of money because its a loveless career choice. No one needs you past the freelance point for the most part.

Then I switched my focus and took a handful of Psych, Marketing, and Business/Entrepreneurship classes. Won some cash in Entrepreneurial competitions for commercials I made and just had fun. Music was always something I loved doing to (trying to carve a new niche out in hip hop), so after a year of contacting labels and business' I ended up signed to a record label and also offered to take over a part of their marketing division as they were new. So I have that for some spending cash

I also went and did some free work at a Consignment Shop that was closing at the end of this month and had plenty of chats over coffee with the owner. Luckily my free labour paid off and now there's a possibility of me ending up a 50/50 business partner with her with no overhead.

We'll see how long it lasts, I'm shooting for either full time recording artist or desk job as head of a marketing division (having trouble figuring out which is harder to accomplish right now)


Well-Known Member
I have many things on my mind but a lot of them are more luck than hard work.

I was thinking of being some sort of Journalist, like writing articles for newspapers, magazines or online websites. Maybe an Editor.
I wanted to be a Zoologist originally but that isn't something someone would get paid very well to do.

I'm pretty stumped, can't decide.

Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
I would like to be an astrophysics at the UK Space Agency. Which would imply me living in UK.
And now entering fantasy i would be a shapeshifter and become a wolf.


I really want to get into game design or graphic design. I've been designing graphics for myself since I was ten, and, even though I'm not the best at it, I find it really fun and I hope I can get a career at it in the future. I'm also really interested in theology.

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Most likely, I would become a cop or a lawyer. But maybe become a marine biologist, because there is just something about marine life that always keep me interested.

The Master Chief

Well-Known Member
I'll move to japan and go to college there, get a degree in video game programming, get a job there, and continue my current youtubing and become a sensation on YouTube :D


Howls of Loneliness
I want to be a graphic designer but that might not happen :(
I'm about to graduate (next month) with a degree in industrial engineering and a minor in bioengineering.

Ultimately I want to be a human factors analyst, but those jobs are prestigious and rare. I could also be an information systems designer since I have a pretty strong background in it. I'd like to work in health care, but will go to whatever industry will have me.

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
don't laugh but my dream is to sing professionally...and also to be a writter (as I found a knack for that) because I enjoy deep plots that involue human emotions and when you think about it, singing is sort of the same thing, I tried out for Idol 4 times but they have yet to accept me but I'm not gonna give up and I'll explore all possiblities


Ghost Tamer
I'm planning on majoring in computer science in college. The particular college I'm going to combines compsci with software engineering if I read their stuff correctly. I'm also planning on minoring in computer engineering. Eventually I might want to get a job at a top video game company. Also, being versatile with computers is particularly flexible because they're everywhere and many jobs can come from being a computer/software scientist/engineer.

I also plan on helping Valve count to 3.
Well, I haven't give this much thought, but I am thinking of going into medicine. I would love to help people when they're not feeling great. I also love both chemistry and biology, i'm not overly keen on physic but i can put up with it. At school I'm above average intelligence and i am willing to put in all the necessary work to eventually become a doctor.


Get into government, I hope one day government will be destroyed and everything is privately owned


A tired little girl~
I'm aiming to become a teacher or sociologist, because I like it so.

I think that I'd prefer a teacher though (one that teaches sociology would be even better :D), and that's for two reasons.
#1: I like my schedule as it is. Perhaps this will change, but I sort of like it. I go do my work at school, teach kids because it's fun and good for the community as a whole, and then come back home and spend the rest of my time with whatever family I have or play games and chat with people, and grade papers. Part of the reason why I procrastinate is because I don't have control over when I'll do my work. I'm always at my family's whim (especially now a days. Funny how when I had more freedom to do it, I didn't care for it. And Now that I care its like...LOLNOPE, I need your help Connor, do it on the time I give you. >3>...). In general I want to live my own life, because then working is more fun. (plus Money will help me by getting my rewards. (Games and anime) :O)

#2: Because I don't think I'm ready to give consistent presentations and consistently researching (mostly the creation of my own statistics). I dislike (Yet understand the use of) creating statistics myself, plus...I feel like if I'm losing a perspective if I choose to say I'm a "sociologist". Every time I'm in that class, even when I'm enjoying the hell out of talking about society like that, I feel like some form of understanding is missing. Perhaps the overemphasis on Society, as much as I agree with it being the primary factor for many people's beings, is off-putting to me? I can't say for sure. But something irks me about it, despite my love of the study itself.

So point and case, I think I'm going to become a teacher. But we'll see if my perspective changes as I grow older and go into college. .-...I want a much more universal perspective, so I'm going to take as many social sciences and human sciences as possible.
I've always wanted to be a Journalist of some sort. I write for my school's newspaper, I help produce my school's TV show, and next year I'm doing an internship at a local radio station. I hope to get into any type of Journalism, I love it all.


Ice-Cold Charisma
When i graduate, i want to become a Chemical Engineer and study cures, new inventions, and new ways to improve things to make sure everyone is safe :D


K-9 Brigade
I want to be doing something in archeology, although I think it is very unlikely that there are any job offerings for this, or even scholarships.


Well-Known Member
Based on my studies at college either a microbiologist, genetecist, or some type of programmer.