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Your Leader

Protoman EXE

Aegis Shield Up!!!
I will almost always use (ME) Charizard.
and sometimes i use Glaceon ^_^


Shadow Dragon Lord
It is usually one of my four, which are Rayquaza, Blaziken, Empoleon, or Dialga.

The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light
For me, I have a couple of leaders.

My starter was Meowth, so for the first half of the game, Him/Persian.

Now, I mainly use DRAGONITE!!!! The greatest leader ever!

And I'm training my Evil team, so when it's done, then sometimes I'll use Darkrai.

Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
My leader is always the same two.......Blastoise and Torterra........Because those were the two i started with.......


Look over there!
Delcatty when I can evolve my Skitty. I might switch to Venasaur later. In my first game I had Dialga on big missions like Aegis Cave.


I can roll with anyone in the right dungeon. Look below for details.


Guess Who's Back?
When I'm recruiting, I use Manaphy with it's Fast Friend IQ skill. Otherwise, it's Glaceon/Snorlax.


Well-Known Member
i like snorlax and swampert as my leaders


Always Searching~
My leader has been Swampert since I got PMD 1. I never even really lieked mudkipz until I got PMD.

Bobby Frank JR

Mewy Christmas!
Raichu when training up others.
Mew when doing missions.
Lucario because he's cool.

I might do a dungeon with cascoon or someone like that and a warp scarf =]


mine is pikachu (because of discharge) and also for all the monster houses and water dungeons


Palkia Lover
At the moment it is Cresselia because right now its my strongest Pokemon. I am currently training Rotom, Palkia and Luxray at the moment and once they're at Level 100, Palkia will definitely be the leader.


Uber Gamer
I normally take me (Charizard) solely because of Heat Wave. Great move. Otherwise I pick a random bulky legendary (often Dialga, it looks so cool) and go solo.


Well-Known Member
When doing an urgent or incredibly challenging rescue, I use Palkia(max IQ of course). When doing a random rescue or mission, I go as myself(Cyndaquil), with my partner(Chikorita). And no, I am not evolving them.