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Your Least Favorite Gen?

What is your least favorite Pokemon generation?

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So, I was curious to see what many of you consider your least favorite generation, after trying out many of the older games again since the release of X and Y... Now that X and Y has been out for a decent amount of time (with many people reaching the endgame of the endgame), I thought it'd be a decent time to find out.

The only criteria that I do NOT want you to consider are:
  • "spinoff" games that fell within a certain generation (Stadium, Stadium 2, Colosseum, XD, Mystery Dungeon, etc.)
  • the typically souped-up and fixed "third version" (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum)
DO consider any remakes/sequels (FRLG, HGSS, BW2).

So, what's your least favorite generation of Pokémon?
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"Orange" Magical Girl
Gen II for me.

I ain't blinded by nostalgia, I knew all the flaws in Silver as a wee child and HGSS didn't make me reconsider.

Plus why is level grinding a hell hole in Johto? Kanto is an empty shell and Voltorb Flip.

That said I do class the legendaries as my 2nd favourite bunch behind Unova.
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Strong Winds
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I don't know if I'd say "worst," but least favorite. I'm going with Gen 2, though I mean GS and HG/SS. The remakes definitely were nice games with nifty features, and the multitude of legendaries to catch was nice, but they didn't bother with any of the things that GS messed up with. Level grinding is a concept I've always disliked, and Johto is awful with it. I can take level grinding if there's a way to do so, but there is nowhere to level grind during the game. It's so bad that I'm finding shinies while level grinding in that game, and then level grinding just won't happen once you reach the event-less post-game that is Kanto.

Yes, I know people like Kanto because you get an entire region of post-game, but nothing really happens during any of it. Every wild Pokemon in Kanto is such a pitifully low level, so you're not going to be training there, and there is no level curve in the entirety of the region, except for a very slight one among gym leaders. Then they decided to increase the levels of Red's team by about 10, presumably just so he wouldn't be shown up by Barry in Platinum. While I can understand that part, this just creates an absurd level gap between the last two battles of the game with nothing to help you reach that point. And the Pokegear is only any help if you know when every trainer wants to battle, and if they have a good team to battle against. Even post-game, level grinding is massive pain, and it's such a glaring weakness, no amount of extras like Pokemon following you (which I honestly never cared so much about) or Pokeathlon could fix for me.

I don't hate Johto, but it's definitely at the bottom of my list for all generations/regions.

Mr. Ribbles

Cubchoo Lover
T'heck with gen 1 and 2. But since I can only pick one of em, gen 2.

Other two summed it up perfectly.



Pokémon Blue
Gen I > Gen IV > Gen II > Gen III > Gen VI > Gen V

This is how much I enjoyed every generation which means that Gen V was by far the worst one to me.


True Love Never Dies
Johto, hands down. Aside from the painstaking, tedious task of leveling up, I found the routes too simple. There's no new discovery, aside from the new aspects they dumped in (the sports thing, added route outside Cinnawood). Albeit the remakes did well for nostalgia purposes, it did nothing to make the region better to me. I do not hate it, but I'm not particularly fond of it.
I guess in order: 3>1>5>6>4>2


I smash your Boxes.
Gen I and II are garbage.

I chose Gen I, but Gen II is much worse, actually, because literally nothing ever happens in Kanto, and it's just to arbitrarily extend the Game by pointlessly rehashing the same thing from a few years ago.

I find it enjoyable to see that Gen IV is nobody's worst.


I'm 26 now, why am I still here?
Really, I didn't think that many people disliked gen 2. All I heard were positives about gen 2 because it improved so much on gen 1 and nothing has ever done that before. The whole 2 regions thing.

Honestly i'm at a tie.

I really REALLY don't like gen 3. I hate Hoenn with a flaring passion. The region was bleh, had to much water, and just not to interesting to me, The music was grating to my ears [granted I don't like trumpets, so that's mostly why] and the story, oh god the story...The first half of the game just drags and I can never make it past Slateport. And then the story amounts to the evil team being like:
"Yes I will awaken the beast and rule the land/ocean"
5 minuets later
"I feel remorse!"

I also really didn't like FR/LG. Is it sad to say that RBY are my favorite games in the series, yet i've never beaten FR/LG? I guess it's just the way the sprites were done and stuff. I liked some of the added features, but if i'm going to play RBY i'm going to play RBY.

Honestly though I felt Black and White were far worse than 3rd gen. 3rd gen, while I do hate it, did have some charm to it. I did like most of the Pokemon and while the region was blah to me a lot of the towns were unique. I never finished Black and White. The story did nothing for me at all. I really didn't like to many of the Pokemon, plus we didn't have any old one's to help keep me interested. The gym's levels were so spread out and I had to almost always grind to at least match the next gym's level's. They didn't have nearly enough trainer battles, and with the way the level up system was it was soooo painful to try and grind. [I am SO thankful for the experience share in X/Y you have no idea!] Black and White 2 was better, and I did beat that one, but I did it 8 months after the games came out. The only thing I liked out of these few games were the protagonists, and N and the competitive scene.

Honestly, RSE was where I was starting to drop out of the fandom, but BW/BW2 was where I had began to question if Pokemon was really something I wanted to keep going with.

I'm sorry if that was a bit harsh but man I needed to get that off my chest.
Gen 6> Gen 1> Gen 2> Gen 4> Gen 3> Gen 5


So long
I would say either Gen 1 or 2.

Gen 1 because it hasn't aged well at all, I might have liked the games when they were new but I wouldn't be able to enjoy them today. I also never liked how Yellow tried to fuse the anime and games together without succeeding.

Gen 2 (and the remakes) because of their many problems, Dragalge, Psynergy, swampertlover5712 and dirkac summed up the main ones pretty well. Though I did like these games when they were new, but I also remember from then that they had a couple of rather obvious problems. Regarding HG/SS, they were technically worse because they didn't fix the problems the originals had, but the other 4th gen games were so awesome that the generation on the whole was still good.
Very interesting to see some of the responses!

Personally, here's mine.


I really like a lot of the simplifying that Gen 6 brought to the table. EV training no longer a pain, breeding no longer a pain... Call me a filthy casual, but it made the whole game feel a lot more accessible to me. For the first time, I'm motivated enough to complete the region's Pokedex. I've also enjoyed the clothes-collection spree, and many of the character interactions were nice. I can understand where people don't like Gen 6, due to its deemphasis on the "hardcore" aspects of Pokemon, along with the fact that many towns are never visited ever again for any reason (like Vaniville and Aquacorde, both irrelevant to the point of being outright segregated from the rest of the map).

Gen 4 is solely carried by HGSS. First, my perspective on the negatives... Sinnoh I thought to be extremely uninspired. I remember virtually nothing of that game, nothing of its cities, and I've played through the game three times. It held my attention at the time, but it is absolutely not memorable. I thought the character design was average, the battling slow, and the starters and added Pokemon mediocre... And yes, Johto was a massive level grind. However, on the flipside, what boosted my enjoyment of the Johto games, however, was the sheer quantity of things (towns, trainers, world "space) to explore. Younger me thought it fantastic that I got to see what Kanto evolved into, and that Johto had a substantial "postgame" after the first Elite 4 trip. Years later, when going through HGSS, I still didn't have much of a problem other than the Mt Silver grind. Plus, my favourite starter is from Johto: Cyndaquil.

Gen 1 just feels too old. There were too many glitches and I know they screwed up my save file many a time (as younger me needed to have many Master Balls from the item trick). I never had motivation to do postgame in this gen, though the barebones plot was good enough to keep me interested in completing the main plot many times over. I was much more captivated by GSC's addition to the game's length, as artificial as it may have been.

Gen 3... Ehh... It's hard. I liked RS's plot, the little things like the Wally quest, how you actually battle your dad, and how you helped the other team maintain normalcy. I hated the sea, the abundance of legendaries, the irrrelevance of Professor Birch. My second favourite starter is from Hoenn (Torchic). In contrast, I thought FRLG to be an affront to the source material. Sprites seemed off, Sevii Islands wat...

Gen 5 was just...no. I played both Black and Black 2; I couldn't finish either. Got to Skyla in both games and gave up. They remain the only Pokemon games that I haven't finished to date, though I will probably try to soon, due to Bank. I didn't like many of the new Pokemon either, and I thought the cover legendaries were pretty bleh.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Definitely 5th gen. The "fresh start" feel was pointless, many of the Pokemon didn't really feel original, the game was made too easy, the regional design was terrible, many fan favorite features were removed, and for all of that, it didn't really add much to the formula, and BW2 was somewhat poorly designed. The only thing remotely good about it compared to other generations is the story, and it's the only generation I can say was a step backwards for the series.
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much more beastly
I liked every generation, really. if I had to pick, I'd say V only because the story. Also because Bianca.
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Lost Lore

Diving Deep
Gen I.

...Okay, don't get me wrong, I do love R/G/B/Y. But they were the buggiest versions and they're also obviously the least-advanced (granted, that was before all these fancy-schmancy handheld consoles came out that we have nowadays).

I would do some bashing on Gen II for similar reasons, but I love Johto too much to rag on its many flaws. Y'all will have to do that for me.

The Exalt

I would definitely say Gen 5. I just didn't get that "This is such a great game" feeling I got form the others (Especially HG/SS they were the best, IMO). I didn't really like the other pokemon that much either so yeah. Gen 5 was by far the worst.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Gen 5 was a nightmare. Literally everything about that generation irked me; the majority of the Pokemon, the setting of the games (Unova), and the general "fresh" feel of Gen 5.


Catchin' Em All
Hooray, games on the DS! What, they aren't very good? The multitude of Pokemon and characters, along with the gimmicky Sinnoh region really grinded my gears. I felt that all of the Sinnoh legendaries barring Heatran and Darkrai were very gimmicky and I didn't like Arceus at all. The generation ruined many of the things that RSE had going for it and I thought the corresponding anime was terrible. Gen V was really good in my opinion, I don't see where all the hate for CREATIVE Pokemon is coming from. If I had to pick regions in order, I would say 3>5>6>1>2>4 because of other reasons. Btw, I am in the mood for arguing so PM me if you wanna play ;)


Gen5 was bad. Like really bad. I didn't like any of the games and most of the Pokemon looked unoriginal and boring.


I've got to say, I'm really surprised that Gen V is getting so much hate. Personally, I quite enjoyed it. I found it was one of the most fun regions to explore, and it gave us lots of great Pokemon. They really went back to that "monster-ish" look that characterized the Pokemon of Gen I, I thought. But, whatever. On the bright side, it is a nice change from seeing people ragging on Hoenn and Sinnoh.

At any rate, my least favourite gen was II. Unfortunately, it had the greatest amount of unappealing Pokemon for me (It is honestly the only region where none of the starters or their evolutions appeal to me.), and it was the absolute worst game to breed and raise Pokemon in.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun game and all, it's just that in a series of great games, it's the least great, as far as I'm concerned.

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
Excluding all the other gens and focusing on R/B/Y as the only games, I felt that they weren't that interesting. Assuming GF didn't make anymore advancements to the series afterward, I felt that the story and region was bland, but the battling definitely set itself from all of it's other aspects.

And I'll have to pick on Gen. III for having a tricky pathway in-game. Pathway as in the series of cities and routes you go through as you progress through the main story. It was utterly confusing to me, but everything else is fine in my eyes.
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