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Your mama is so stupid that she stole free bread. RMT


Toon link


Better Than Mama
I like your moveset for Jolteon honestly. I was thinking of using one on my secondary team. Mine has a timid nature. Modest would be a better nature for an Espeon or something.

People can switch out as many times as they want. Eventually they're going to fall into some sort of a trap. And can no longer dance around it. So I don't think that you need to take out your Togekiss for a Blissey. And it's not like you're always going to switch to Suicune everytime. Though T-Tar does have sandstream..:/

I think that's just a minor probem though.


Well-Known Member
No, Timid is good for an Espeon as well.

Since Mistylover has no to really take powerful hits from CSpecs Porygon Z/Alakazam/Salamence, he'sll be out of Pokemon before the opponent falls into this so called trap.

was good advice. Taking EVs away from attack doesn't make sense, because this assumes that you have a free turn to Dragon Dance. This isn't a safe assumption because that's not always the case.

By that logic it should have had MAX speed as well, and DDmence should have max attack and max speed, yet we know they dont. You obviously switch Tyranitar, or any Dragon Dancer into something you know cant hurt it, and will obviously be too scared to stay in and you use Dragon Dance when the opponent switches out.


Well-Known Member
You need a status absorber, make Suicune ReStalk imo.

Also, bad title.
So what do you suggest? Which Pokemon do you want me to replace? And what should their movesets be?


< Guess who's back?
Maybe Sp.def Restalk Cress or Bliss over Togekiss. You'll have a needed special wall and status taker in one.


stupidest thread title in the world.
really annoys me when people post **** like that, mainly because this is the internet, and you have no ****ing idea who ends up looking at this.

and why dont you ever let threads die

Gallade will be a***** with no status taker on this team and can effectively shut down anything you could send in on it.


Better Than Mama
You know for a fourteen year old you sure have an attitude.

MistyLover wanted help. He wanted to improve and if the stupid title catches peoples attentions then let it be. It's not like you had to look at it yourself. I doubt someone forced you to look.

I think this is the last time I'll be on serebii.

There's too many jerks on here.


oh no a guy who I never speak to and who never posts in rmts is planning on leaving because of me boohoo.

MistyLover wanted help.
Gallade will be a***** with no status taker on this team and can effectively shut down anything you could send in on it.

He wanted to improve

people don't post rmts unless they want to improv ebelieve it or not.

and if the stupid title catches peoples attentions then let it be. It's not like you had to look at it yourself. I doubt someone forced you to look.

ok guys, everyone start posting racist comments in their titles, or laughing at people with terminal diseases, it's OK, because it catches people's attention!

My apologies for semi-hijacking your thread ml, since nobody should have their thread ruined by someone elses arguing.
If this random really feels the need to continue, he can PM me.
-4J-, just stop acting like someone who doesn't have any emotion. The sensible thing for you to do was just ignore, you know. Not cause a flame war.

Miniryu, lol, I know he has an attitude and sadly, I have one too. But nowhere near as bad as his. And leaving Serebii because of -4J- will make him feel powerful. There are a lot of nice people in the other forums, you should check them out.



Active Member
ummm.. i dont see agility on jolteon, dont know how he's supposed to baton pass agility without agility but ne ways...

without the agility on jolteon, the t-tar dosen't look like so big a threat, and the sandstream would help with the special defense boost, but only one poke take use outta that, u should scratch dd t-tar and put in ddmence in place other than that looks like a great team IMO just mineor tweaks now,

oh and dont get rid of T-BOLt, the thunder-beam is great combo on any poke, not resisted to ne thing.

there's my two sense so make of it as you will


LOL, Sup?
read his comments, hes not using agility for a pass, hes using jolt to pass subs. *sigh*

[Off Topic] If you know nothing about battling don't post in the RMT forums please >_<


jack of trolls
most of your team members have generic 252/252/etc ev spreads
:|, those usually don't work that well (with exceptions)
Jolteon with Modest DOES NOT outspeed weavile, and a gengar is unlikely to stay in on jolteon now that jolt's two main moves are tbolt and shadow ball
Why would you run a jolteon without timid anyway???
Weezing is not a hera counter if you burn it
Aura sphere is not great on togekiss, cus you probably won't have a chance to "surprise" tyranitar, whose the only poke you'll probably be using that move on
Choice Specs Starmie can rape your team, esp since its also faster than MODEST jolteon

no ****

Aura Sphere has other uses except for T-Tar.
You know what I hate so much? You guys try to eat me alive, and with one little thing you make it to such a huge deal. And you clearly ignore the good points...

Extrasensory, I'll sacrifice. Sacrifices will be made. And you guys always make it sound that I will switch into Suicune. It could be battling Tyranitar, Jolteon or Weezing. Yes, Porygon-Z doesn't stand a chance against Tyranitar.

Pory Z will WAIT(key word) to switch into something like weezing.
Your still retarded, but you are making progress.

Its sad how your posts are still retarded as ever though, if not more.

Jolt is the weak link on the team, unfortunate really.

i dont play pokemon anymore, but i just decided to come and see if this gay forum got smarter.

turns out it didnt.

i have some good advice for you none the less:

go play chess.

ill let you figure out why that would help you with a game like pokemon.


Active Member
"Jolteon used Agility, Baton Passes to Tyranitar"

sorry if that sounds like he's using agility and baton pass to tyranitar, it sounded like that to me, o well i guess when someone writes something like THAT you can interpret it in 20000 different ways, god bless the english language
magichands, if you had a brain, you would have known I switched Togekiss with Blissey. Idiot.