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Your most 'AARGH!!' moment


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
Hello again :),

This thread is for you to explain your most 'AARGH!!' moment, for instance today when I've tried 3 TIMES to try and catch Articuno, only to use my ONLY MASTER BALL on it, so I restarted with more Ultraballs and a few more greatballs with my Parasect which has Stun Spore :).

This happened to me with Heatran, it took me about 10 times to catch her (mine's a female ;485; ).
I don't always say AAARGH. But when I do, I almost had it.


She wants it
I don't always say AAARGH. But when I do, I almost had it.

You sir, are a genius.

I was battling ghetsis in my nuzlocke. I sent out my beheyeem and 52 hp against his elektross. I used recover, it used crunch. AAAAARGH! I lost 2 pokemon in that battle.


aka Lamia
I think most of these moments occur when failing to capture a Pokémon. For me I think it was Uxie that was the most difficult to capture. Ridiculously difficult... I guess sometimes you just get unlucky with certain legendaries. And then there was Feebas...


Dr. Geek
Ghetis' Hydregion wouldn't stop doing critical hits. I'm probaly the first person to battle Ghetis twice without hacks.

Marbi Z

Its so frustrating catching Legendaries! Get them down to there last HP, put em to sleep or paralyze em and they STILL break out! I went through almost 50 ultra balls trying to catch Latios... >_< Do Legendaries have to be the EXCEPTION when it comes to catch rate!?


Antimatter Trainer
Raikou / Entei used Roar. Again. For the 97th time this day.
Also, a Lapras defeating your party in the battle tower using sheer cold, three times, all hits.
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Nocturnal Trainer
trying to catch a level 5 phanphy (outbreak) in Diamond and it breaking out of almost every ball I threw out it. Wished I had a false swiper


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
How about doing cycles on P/D and losing space on the 19th cycle!

I've never really got that far, but I would know how it feels.

Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
There are already millions of threads like this, the problem is i'm to lazy to link you guys to it.


Well-Known Member
Pokémon Diamond, trying to capture a swarmed Beldum.

I never got it, even after using over two-hundred Ultra Balls.


Pokemon Prof.
I once tried catching a Suicune on Pokemon Colosseum and i used about 30 ultra balls and failed. I used a pokeball next and it worked.


Steel-Clad Wonder
I hate spamming ultra balls and fail.. I don't catch legendaries unless I have master balls


Steel-Clad Wonder
Besides, I don't use Ultra Balls. They're ugly.