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Your most precious card


Well-Known Member
Not your best card, but the card you like the most :)

For me it's this one :


Got it in a trade yesterday and I love it :D


Jewel of the Sea
I don't have anything extraordinary rare like, "only 9 made in the entire world cards" or any cards exclusively at worlds. I spent lots and lots of money on my cards so all my cards are precious to me, buuuuut Im in love with my old cards including my Japanese rocket charizard, my recent zekrom legend, and my most favorite card I own is my legit rayquaza C Lv X ( NOT a promo! ) 146/147 :) I remember I bought one pack of supreme victors at a family-owned card shop going outta business in Plano. I opened my pack up in the jeep as soon as I got in it and when I saw that card I drooled and freaked out!!!! X'D


Scottish Octopuses:P
My steel Arceus. When i purchased a HG/SS tin, I opened a pack and it had Arceus! My jaw dropped when i saw it.



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I only have like 30 or so, I barely play, but I've ALWAYS kept my Darkrai L X card. I don't even know how to play. I thought level x was cool.

Manly Blissey

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I'm going to go with my 1st edition Chansey card from back in kindergarten. It was my first holographic, and I guess it just has a lot of sentimental value.

Kaji Motomiya

I don't remember my most precious card back in the day. I think it was my Ninetails from the Fire + Fighting Basic deck way back when. Now, it's my Typhlosion Prime, not the one in the tin (I have that, though), but the ones from the pack. So I have two Typhlosion Primes, but the pack one is my more valuable one. <3

I think my other most valuable is probably my Meganium Prime, also from the pack.


Pokemon Merchant
For me its charmender from the very first set, its the first card i ever owned.
i bought it from a little store that use to sell pokemon single cards........good times :)
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