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Your most unusual foes that you swear were hacked

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by GarSlizer, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. GarSlizer

    GarSlizer Earthshaker

    I fought this guy over random WiFi, and he had this murkrow, NOT Honchcrow. It could OHKO Starmie and do >50% to Giratina with no LO or Band. I swear the guy hacked it.
  2. xsedr

    xsedr The Moral Aethiest

    Arceus (that's strike 1 right there, it was an all uber team) that had no item and could 1 shot all my pokemon except Garchomp with a single extremspeed, and 2 shot Chomp. It was also in a masterball so yeah it was hacked.
  3. #1TransendTrainer


    i fought this dude over WiFi who KO'd 3 of my Pokemon w/ a Crobat using Fly & Air Slash
  4. TR_Jessie

    TR_Jessie Adventure Seeker

    I fought this guy who had a giratina with dark void and sacred fire. You can't possibly tell me it was legit. >_>
  5. Toxicano

    Toxicano Lord of Shuckles

    This guy had a Deoxys attack forme, and somehow, without a Focus Sash or anything, no screens, my Rhyperior with a +2 attack boost only did about 70% damage with Megahorn. I don't think that's legitly possible.
  6. GarSlizer

    GarSlizer Earthshaker

    Definitely. I know this sounds dumb, but did any of these guys trade friend passes?
  7. #1TransendTrainer


    its not. definately hacked
  8. nooby121

    nooby121 Active Member

    a togepi that 0hko all of my pokemon with tackle........... i had a friggin giratina and heatran for christ's sake...... he outsped my jolly scarf chomp o_O
  9. Berlitz_Legit

    Berlitz_Legit Sith apprentice

    I battled a guy who used 6 Kinglers (with no items) who outspend every one of my pokes (even the scarfed ones) and each one had used guillotine and hit every time.
  10. swampertlover5712

    swampertlover5712 True Love Never Dies

    I battled a guy who was an uber-lover. Had six (count 'em, six!) Mewtwos. They all had the same moves and stuff. Please tell me that he was a hacker, no way in hell he had the patience to play through a video-game six times straight.
  11. speedygallade

    speedygallade Gallade Lover

    I fought a team of 3 Sunkerns. Those little suckers destroyed me.
  12. Donphampharos

    Donphampharos New Member

    I battled some guy who had an Ampharos with Magnet rise and Trick Room and Wonder Guard.

    And I still beat it.
  13. Todoserugi

    Todoserugi Never Forget

    flying gym leader in gsc
    lvl 9 pidgeotto
  14. MajorPkmn101

    MajorPkmn101 Active Member

    OMG! I just fought(wi-fi) someone with pokemon from black and white! how in the h*** is that legit? I just seriously fought him!
  15. dragoniteKnight

    dragoniteKnight Pose as a team

    because PBR contains models for BLK/WHT pokemon right?
  16. MajorPkmn101

    MajorPkmn101 Active Member

    I don't thanks so...
  17. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    it can't be true. at that time they haven't thought of 5th gen pokemon yet. i think it is a lie.

    anyway i fought a jolteon with magnet rise. i defeated the opponent, exchanged card and i straight away checked the battle pass. nope the magnet rise move was replaced by thunder wave. well i defeated him with my legit pokemon so i couldn't be more happier.
  18. dragoniteKnight

    dragoniteKnight Pose as a team

    mabey the card glitched? because magnet rise is a 100% legit move.

    just fought a team of legit smeargles. damn i got owned bad....never thought id see the day my hitmontop lost that fast on a random PBR match.
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I fought a guy a few years ago who had a team composed of cute Pokemon like Pikachu, Pachirisu, and Skitty. I went into battle thinking that the person was just teasing me but then I lost against his Pokemon. They all had moves like Sheer Cold and Fissure; moves that they cannot learn normally. They were obvious hacks and I'm still sore that I didn't think ahead before I agreed to the challenge :<
  20. Neverus

    Neverus New Member

    Hit a Yanmega with a rock slide, it hung on with a focus sash. It hit me with an air slash, then died from a life orb.

    ... Wait, what?

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