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Your most valued Pokemon card in your collection?


Guess who's back
My ancient Mew card
My lvl X Giratina promo from the Platinum series
My Cyrus' conspiracy card also from the Platinum series (Yes, I know it's a supporter card but I still like it, OK?)
My Shining Gyarados card
My Shining Magikarp card

That's it I think...>_>;



Mightyena FTW!
My prized cards are:

Charizard EX

Lucario lvl X

Charizard (Stormfront reprint)

Suicune (star)

Vaporeon (star)

Mewtwo lvl X

Last but not least...

Mewtwo EX!


Pedobear knows all..
Shining Magikarp from Neo Revelation
Japanese Neo Discovery Holo Scizor
Shining Noctowl from Neo Destiny and...
EX Flygon from Dragon Frontiers (got it in my first pack i bought in 8 years :D)
but out of those i like the Shining Noctowl the most.

Emerald 2006

Well-Known Member
Shiny Regirock, (don't ask me where these are from...)
common shiny Latias from a Championship deck,
and My Reverse Holofoil Mismagius from the latest set, I believe.

And especially one card I got in a trade.
I had to trade a lot of YGO cards, but I got it in the end.

Pokemon Movie 2000 Promo card, Double Holo Ancient Mew.
Gorgeous card. NFT EVER!!!
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Penguinist Trainer

Well-Known Member
My E3 Pikachu and Japanese Mew. All the cards I played with were stolen years ago, so I stopped playing TCGs. But I kept my "treasured" cards in a special binder. They weren't all valuable, they were just cards that for some reason or another, I loved them.

Most of the cards I treasured were based on on my favorite pokemon, or cool artwork.

The Tail

Well-Known Member
My most valued cards are my Dark Celebi card, my BastiodonGL(gym leader's), my FrosslassGL, my Promo Gliscor, my Shiny Swablu, My holographic pikachu, and my Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres EXs.
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Spring is Coming!
Ancient Mew
Birthday Pikachu
Surfing Pikachu
Flying Pikachu
Promo Dragonite (from the first movie)
Promo Pikachu (from the first movie)
Dark Celebi
Jirachi EX
some other holo legendaries i can't think of right now.


Not Banned
Jeez. Every card is valued to me, as I have a small collection, but Movie 1 promo Mewtwo is cool.


3rd-4th gen trainer
I have a flygon and gardevoir ex from dragon frontiers that I value a lot.


Hmm... Yes.
Whether or not they're actually too valuable, I don't know, but my favorite of my cards have to be...

Japanese Holo Fossil Articuno
Lugia, Ho-oh (normal type), and Skarmory from the Neo Revelation set (they match up in the picture which I think is cool)
Japanese Holo Neo Genesis Typhlosion
D/P Mysterious Treasures Tyranitar (probably not worth much but it's a pretty card. All blue and black)
Japanese Holo Rocket Dark Arbok (I've had that card forever)
French Neo Destiny Dark Quilava
Holo Team Magma's Aggron

(I'ma stop there D: I have lots and they're probably not even that rare ><)


Well-Known Member
It entirly depends on what you could call valuable
my most valuable money wise is probably either my
Charizard EX (the one that an do 200 damage)
Shining Mewtwo (one of the old shining cards)
or my
Alakazam * (golden star, what i consider to be the least exciting of the golden star pokemon)


Centrementally my shiny charizard from the REALLY old sets, this one is the 4 card in the base set, is my most valuable despite it being the worst condition card i have.


Too Many Favorites
Mine would have to be:

Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny Charizard
Shiny Raichu
Mail Dragonite? I think thats what it was called XD it was from the first movie promos
Orange Island Mew? I think it was Orange Island
Ancient Mew


Go Go Power Rangers
lets see mines would have to be
1st ed base set charizard mint condition
charizard ex
Lugia ex
jumbo shadow lugia card signed by Mr.Tsunekaz Ishihara
and my Pikachu gold star signed by Mr.Takumi Akabane


I have to say my 260hp Arcuine (did I spell thay right?) It was really powerful as well and its from the original collection.