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Your Newest Card

Arena Tycoon Slaking

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This is a thread where you can post any new cards you've got from a pack deck whatever.

I'll start off with my newest Latios Ex from the Ex Dragon set

V.F.D. Member

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I just got a lv.70 Deoxys!


plays with spoons
Hee. I got Absol ex from the new Power Keepers expansion. Went to a pre-release event today.

Also got 2 Banettes, 1 Armaldo and a Cradily (and 4 holo energy cards, (2 FG, 1 G, 1 F and 1 P) Those are the holos anyhow. Rares I got 2 Sableyes, 1 Wobbefet, 1 Mightyena, 1 Omastar, 1 Dusclops, 1 Seviper, 1 Lanturn, 2 Darkness Energy and 1 Metal energy.

I won't bother posting the uncommons. But I got a reverse holo Steven's Advice!
Got the POP3 Flareon holo, ATK Deoxys(reverse-holo)/Holon Phantoms, Claydol(holo)/Deoxys
My newest ones are * regirock and umbreon ex.


Went to the pre-release on the 4th. I traded for 2 Absol ex and a Flareon* "shiny". I'm getting 2 boxs (72 packs total) of Power keepers on wenesday. I'll post what I get.


Pika, that's right!
Emperte Lv. X...


Ok, I got my 2 boxes of Power keepers. Here are the good cards I got.
Absol ex x2
Claydol ex
Flygon ex
Salamence ex
Shiftry ex
Flarion* (I traded for one before, Now I have 2:D)

And I traded for a Skarmery ex and a Vaporion*.
Since I LOVE energy, I traded a arbok delta and a kirlia for a holon ff energy and a scramble energy with my friend.


My newest cards: (Names are above each card)
____'s Mew, ____'s Celebi

____'s Rayquaza, ____'s Jirachi

____'s Groudon, ____'s Kyogre

Ho-oh ex, Jirachi ex, Lugia ex


I want to pokemon TCG states and got some good trades. I got an Espeon*, an Umbreon*, 2 boxes of Diamond and Pearl 2 and two half decks of DP 2.
I'll put up pics of them if anyone wants.