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Your Newest Card

Got a lot of Platinum packs over the last week:

-Electabuzz Reprint
-Porygon-Z (Promo) x2
-Blastiose (Holo)
-Giratina (OF)

I can't exactly remember them all x.x


Well-Known Member
i bought that little Pokemon box with 3 boosters
and a Piplup holo card
the rares i got out of it:

Swampert ex ( ex Crystal Gaurdians)
Flareon* shiny ( ex Power keepers?)


New Member
Bought a three booster + 1 promo + 1 coin dealie today.

The promo was a holo Porygon Z.

The best that I got was a reverse holo Blastoise (Platinum).

Other than that, a bunch of middling cards and a few rares that I'm not too excited about.
Newest card I got was Giovanni's Nidoking, I wanted to complete my Gym Hero's collection. Now I have ther complete Base Set, Jungle Set, Fossil Set, Team Rocket Set, Gym Challenge Set and Gym Hero's Set.


Well-Known Member
got like 10 boosters today..these are my faves who i got today

Heat Rotom ( RT3 Platinum Rising Rivals)
Darkrai holo ( 3/100 Majestic Dawn)
Darkrai holo ( 3/111 Platinum Rising Rivals)
Dialga G holo ( 7/127 Platinum)
Articuno holo ( 1/100 Majestic Dawn)
Got 10 packs of Rising Rivals, and 2 packs of Platinum (yay for my birthday). These are the rares and some of the uncommons I got:

Dialga (The one with 'Time-Space Traveling' as an attack)

I've been looking for that Dialga since Feburary.

Rising Rivals:
Ambipom G
Fortress G
Aerodactyl GL
Roserade GL (Holo, x2)
Machamp GL
Quagsire GL
Bastiodon GL
Steelix GL
Drapion 4
Vespiquen 4
Whiscash 4
Golem 4
Gliscor 4
Hippowdon 4
Indernape 4
Rapidash 4
Flareon 4
Bronzong 4
Alakazam 4
Glaceon x4
Jirachi (Holo)
Arcanine (Holo)
Nidoqueen (Reverse Holo)
Shiftry (Reverse Holo)


Well-Known Member
Yesterday i got 1 Platinum Rising Rivals booser from my brother
the only one where im happy about is the
Frost Rotom <3

i try to complete the Rising Rivals one..it got nice cards in it
got 7 packs of rising rivals for my birthday. All I got that's mentionable is:
Darkrai G
Flying Pikachu Reprint
Mow Rotom

Pity, I was hoping for Snorlax level X....


Well-Known Member
I got 5 packs of rising rivals the other day and got:
Hippowdon LV.X
Heat Rotom
Flying Pikachu Reprint

Pretty good pulls.


Do The Tevez!
I got 2 packs of RR (Rising Rivals) in the last 2 days and my best pulls were:

Roserade GL (Holo)
Yanmega 4 (Reverse)
Rapidash 4 (Reverse)
Nidoqueen (Rare)
Got 5 packs of Rising Rivals yesterday:

Cut Rotom
Wash Rotom
Jirachi Holo
Shiftry Holo

2 Rotoms at once!!!


Died A Jew
Bought some packs, didn't really get much...I was disappointed. :(

I did get:

Dialga Lv. X
Shaymin PL (the one in the theme deck...)
Giratina PL (the one that came in the theme deck...my fifteen billionth one!!slksdjfl;jasd;flj)

and a few rares, but nothing interesting...


yeah, sucks when you're pumped because of a Bidoof

I think we're gonna get a box next week, though...so hopefully that'll go better.


Epic Snake is Epic!
Got all platinum lv:x's in the space of 4 days and 24 packs
Plus got the final reprint and shiny I needed
Shaymin LV:X
Dialga G LV:X
Electabuzz reprint

Shaymin Sky LV:X

Hitmonchan reprint
Palkia G LV:X

Scyther reprint
Giratina LV:X
Drapion LV:X(X2)(OMG)
My aunt sent me three packs of Rising Rivals:

Luxray GL (Reverse Holo)
Gengar GL
Gastrodon West Sea



Well-Known Member
Man I finally got my hands back to Majestic Dawn and Great Encounters... No Storm Front and Platinum set yet :(

I got :
Piplup (like the one I used for an icon at my sig 8D)
Empoleon (finally)
Eevee (kawai)
Flareon (copy -_-)
Houndour x 2
Aipom x 2

I'll check my cards later... man my boxes are really full, I can't fit my Colorless cards now :p
Bought some BK cards, and two packs of Rising Rivals:

Leafeon (BK Promo)
Eevee (BK Promo)
Dialga (BK Promo)
Pichu (BK Promo)

Charon's Choice (Special Holo)
Floatzel GL (Holo)
Alakazam 4 (RH)

I been wanting that Dialga, so I'm happy.


Died A Jew
Got my RR box the other day, and I'm only missing five non-LvX/SR/Rotom cards from the set.

Notables included:
Luxray GL Lv. X
Floatzel GL Lv. X
Mow Rotom
Frost Rotom
Charon's Choice
Pikachu (Base Reprint)

I've got a LA box coming in on Monday, so hopefully I'll get some good pulls there (and hopefully an Uxie!).
Got a pack of Stormfront yesterday, and two RR packs today:

Roserade (SF)
Flygon Lv. X (RR) <333333
Jolteon (Reverse Holo, RR)

I couldn't believe I got Flygon. It was the Lv. X I wanted the most out of RR :D