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Your Newest Card


God of Fire
wow thse prime cards seem easy to find. im not going to use them. im going to collect them! my newest card is not really sure, i think arcanine g.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Bought 6 packs of HeartGold & SoulSilver, got these rare cards:

-Slowking (Holo)
-Hitmontop (Holo)
-Lapras (Rare non Holo)
-Octillery (Holo)
-Ho-Oh (Legend) traded for Lugia (Legend)
-Pichu (Rare non Holo)


God of Fire
to be honest i think the ho-oh legend has a better attack. but lugia has better artwork
Got 9 more packs of HGSS this week, and got:

Quagsire (holo)
Arcanine (holo)
Meganium (non-Prime)

[Bottom Part of] Lugia Legend x2
Typhlosion Prime (extra)
Ampharos Prime

...Personally, I love Lugia, but I would like to get some other Legend card rather than his bottom part >.>


Well-Known Member
HGSS promo pack and Arceus Blister:

Cresselia (Promo)
Noctowl (Promo)
Hoothoot (Promo)
Kabutops ;493;
Cherrim ;493;
Ledian HGSS
Jirachi LA

I know, I know. But I did get an Expert Belt ^^

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
-Showking (Holo)
-Quagsire (Holo)
-Slowking (Holo)

All from HGSS Packs :D

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
From a few trades I got:
Shiny Vulpix
Gengar Lv.X
Shiny Relicanth
Red Gyarados (HGSS-I traded 2 rares & a trainer for this baby).

From leauge picks:
Cynthia's Gachomp Lv.X


Bought one of the HGSS Tins, plus three HGSS packs:
Meganium(Holo) Promo


The Rampardos card has got to be my favorite out of all of them.


Let's go to the beach, each.
to be honest i think the ho-oh legend has a better attack. but lugia has better artwork

I agree that Lugia has the better artwork, which is why I traded my Ho-oH for it :p

Bought 7 packs of HG/SS today, spent my hard-earned money but it was worth every penny:


-Noctowl (later traded for Wobbuffet)


God of Fire
I GOT TWO Platinum Arceus Packs:

1st Pack:
Reverse Shelgon
Raticate rare non holo

2nd Pack:
Reverse Electrike
Holo Salamance!

Just need Bagon whihc my friend has and i will have the whole line!

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Got 4 More HGSS Packs today and I got:

Jumpluff (Holo)
Persian (Rev. Holo)
Cleffa (it's a rare, so posting : P)
Clefable (Holo)

yey. Hopefully getting more this weekend ;p;


I was very excited to see that the WalMart here finally got the new tins in stock.
I bought the Feraligatr one and was excited to see these cards in the booster packs:

Azelf from Legends Awakened
Reverse-holo Kyogre from Legends Awakened
Galactic Palkia from Platinum
The top of Ho-Oh Legend from HeartGold SoulSilver

The promo Feraligatr Prime that comes with the tin is pretty good as well. Now all I need is a Croconaw and I'll have the whole evolution chain!


On Wednesday I bought a pack of Supreme Victors. Reverse..... Shiny Milotic! Then the rare..... Lv X C Rayquaza! Got 2 more packs today, got a Reverse Milotic C and Reverse Marshtomp. Got a Yanmega and Seaking as my rares.

On last Saturday I bought my first pack of HG/SS, Reverse Sandshrew and rare was a holo Quagsire.

Hoping to get atlease the Feraligatr tin tommorow!


Active Member
the other day i got sceptile in arcus.


Went to Dave and Busters for a friends party today. Didn't see anything I wanted from the ticket redemption area until I saw one of the prizes was a Rising Rivals pack! Reverse was an Aggron, very happy with that. Rare was Hippowdon.
I also got my Feraligatr tin today. From the Legends Awakened pack I got Reverse Gligar and my rare was a Regigigas. From the Platinum Base set pack I got Reverse Pokedex and my rare was a special reprint Hitmonchan! Was VERY happy with that card. On the first HG/SS pack in the tin I got a reverse Mantine and my rare a Sandslash. Second HG/SS pack reverse Chansey and a Bottom half Lugia Legend! I was very ahppy with my cards today.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I got a few packs of Platinum Arceus for about a dollar each, really good deal. I bought 6, I didn't get anything too rare but these are the standouts:

-Luxray (Holo Rare)
-Glalie (Rare)
-Pelipper (Rare)
-Gengar (Rare)
-Swalot (Holo Rare)
-Porygon-Z G (Rare)

I also did some trades and got these today:

-Froslass (Holo Rare from Arceus set)
-Metagross (Holo Rare from Supreme Victors)
-Mamoswine (Holo Rare from Legends Awakened)
-Garchomp (Holo Rare from Supreme Victors)


I got 6 packs of HGSS and pulled the bottom halves of both Ho-oh and Lugia. Then traded the Lugia piece for the other Ho-oh piece.

I also got the Feraligatr and Typhlosion Prime tins :D