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Your Newest Card


Well-Known Member
I got at League:

Mismagius GL (Pulled it in a prize)
Shiftry RR (Also pulled in prize box)
Claydol GE
Milotic C SV
Arcanine G SV
Dialga G Pt.
Roseanne's Research SW
Dragonite FB SV

As you can see, they had SICK prizes. I needed Shiftry, and I needed Mismagius GL. I also saw one other person pulling a Gengar SF in the box.
My aunt sent me 4 packs of HGSS today, and I got:

-Gyarados (holo)
-Slowking (Holo)
-Ho-oh (top half)


At my last days at POP,i got these cruddy cards:

Chimchar(well,thats not so bad because of parboil turtwig)
Pikachu(-_-why couldn't get raichu?)
Fighting energy(I wanted a metal energy D:)

A girl also in PoP got:
lightning energy

Some guy also got a gabite:(
Just my luck.
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Well-Known Member
My newest ones are Blissey and Feraligatr Prime.


4 packs of Supreme Victors and 1 pack of HG/SS today. SV reverses were Breloom, Wailmer, Lopunny, and Chatot. Rares were Exploud, Solrock, Electivire FB Lv X and Reprint Articuno. HG/SS reverse was Shuckle, Rare was top half of Lugia Legend, completing my Lugia Legend. Was VERY happy with my pulls.


Pulled another Feraligatr Prime and Red Gyarados at league today. Also traded for some cool HGSS cards ^^

My Feraligatr deck is nearly ready :D


Well-Known Member
^Mine is too. Just traded for:

Miasma Valley
Lapras HGSS
Qwilfish HGSS
Pokegear HGSS x2
Moomoo Milk x2
Prof. Oak's New Theory x2
Fisherman x3
Pokemon Communication x2
Feraligatr Prime


<<< Epic Avatar
HG/SS TCG's are out in Australia, didn't know just saw them at EBgames, managed to grab 5 packs (3 for me and 2 for Enchantress)

first pack I opened, Prime Meganium, 1st pack she opened, Prime typhlosion

I also got Holo Quagsire, so it was all good, I also got 3 caterpie's in total, was the first one in each pack, bit dissapointing but that's how it goes (can't remember the other rare/holo I got)


Well-Known Member
had 6 Heartgold/soulsilver boosters in the mail today.
rares i have
Noctowl holographic
Quagsire holographic
Wobbuffet Holographic
Slowking reverse holo
Alph lithograph <-- proud of this one

thats all for this week boosters


Well-Known Member
It's been a while since I
posted but I managed to get every Cardin hgss sold lugia legend though and I finnaly finished my ampharos / raichudeck so overall I very happy :)

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
2day I had the HGSS-TCG pre-release (yes, in Sydney-Australia)
I got:
I'm only listing what's good
Gatr Prime
Amphy Prime (from a trade)

Then after the tourney I got from a trade:
Tinmin (Skymin from the tin) Lv.X & the tin....as I traded a crap load of stuff from it.
Also freebies from a friend (who was one of the judges).


Well-Known Member
Awesome pulls in 2 tins. Here's what I remember:


Blissey MT
Munchlax DP


Weavile G Pt.
Jumpluff HGSS


Prime Blissy x2
Prime Feraligator
Holo Noctowl

out of 3 HGSS packs very happy :) just need Amphey prime and ill have all the primes :D (that are out in the UK at the moment)


Well-Known Member
i got another meganium prime and 3 ho-oh legends and 3 lugia legends cant get rid of all the amphys though


God of Fire
i got an ampharos prime! :D In a Donphan pack! my first prime evr. next is either feraligatr or typhlosion prime and hopefully a full legend or a half of it


My newest cards are:

Cities Staff Gabite x2
Jungle Syther (Error; no set symble) x3
Shaymin Lv.X (Land)
Shaymin Lv.X (Sky)
2010 POP basic energy x2 of each
POP Lucians x4
POP Upper Energy x4


Dragonite FB from supreme victors... its freakin sweet!


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Feraligatr Ex from Unseen Forces, bought in on Ebay just came in the mail today, great addition to my water deck.
Got 6 packs of HGSS today, and some random Platinum packs yesterday:

-Water Arceus (extra)
-Holo Kabutops (from Arceus)
-[Bottom half of] Ho-oh Legend
-[Bottom half of] Lugia Legend

That's my 4th copy of Lugia's face <_<