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Your Newest Card


Well-Known Member
Haven't posted in a while.

Gengar DP (From Infernape tin I mentioned before)
Cursegar (Got in a trade for Salamence)
Gengar Lv. X (Pulled in an Arceus Blister)
Deoxys Defence (Same Blister)
Groudon LA (Blister)
Hariama AR (Blister)
Sceptile (Blister)
Darkrai Promo (What do you think?)
Meganium Prime Promo (Tin)
Typhlosion Prime promo (Tin)
Feraligatr Prime Promo (Tin)
Blissey Prime (Tin)
Shiny Gyarados (Tin, pulled it with Blissey :D)
Hypno HGSS (Tin)
Shedinja LA (tin)
Dialga Pt. (tin)
Rapidash DP (tin)
Azumarill HGSS (Reverse+Holo tin)
Sunflora HGSS (tin)
Ditto LA (tin)
Bastiodon MT (tin)
Medicham DP (Tin)
Alakazam MT (Tin)


Let's go to the beach, each.
Got these new cards via trade (I've decided to stop buying them in packs haha since I'm only collecting now):

From Mysterious Treasure:
-Aggron (Holo Rare)
-Ariados (Rare)
-Uxie (Holo Rare)

From Secret Wonders:
-Mew (Holo Rare)
-Sharpedo (Rare)
-Sunflora (Rare)

From Majestic Dawn:
-Porygon-Z LV X
-Glaceon (Holo Rare)

EmberStar the Blaziken

Kung-Pow Chicken
I just bought a Flareon (Delta Species). Also, I bought a Meganium Prime tin and ended up pulling a Feralagator prime from one of the packs. It's quite awesome.


hydro trainer
well, i bought like 8 or 9 booster packs yesterday. can't recall everything i got but some of the most rare ones were gengar lv. X, rayquaza C lv. X, manaphy (holo), darkrai (holo), and cresselia(holo).


Bird trainer
After a break of years and years, I decided a couple of weeks back to continue my Johto nostalgia and start collecting HGSS. I've bought the Meganium tin, the Ember Spark theme deck and a couple of boosters, but really am planning on holding out until I can get a booster box. Today, though, I felt like getting some more and picked up five boosters. Best out of the first four was a holo Jumpluff and I turn to the final pack.

I open it, begin to shuffle through- and notice a silver border on one of the cards. I flick forward to reveal Feraligatr prime! I admire it, move on and find a holo Noctowl tucked right behind it. :) Already had the non-holo version, and it's one of my favourite cards in the set so it was just the icing on the cake.

Not going to let myself buy anymore, though.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Just bought a bunch of "old school" cards at a garage sale, can you believe I got them all for $40? Not too bad since I believe the Shiny Mew is pretty rare. Most were in great condition expect Rayquaza which was a little beat-up but still pretty cool. Here's what I picked up:

-Kyogre (Holo Ex Emerald)
-Groudon (Holo Ex Emerald)
-Deoxys Attack Form (Holo Ex Holon Phantoms)
-Rayquaza (Holo Ex Holon Phantoms)
-Aggron Ex (Holo Crystal Guardians)
-Togetic (Holo Dragon Frontiers)
-Milotic (Holo Dragon Frontiers)
-Mew Shiny (Holo Dragon Frontiers)
-Ancient Mew (Movie promo) I thought, why not?
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Here are most of the good cards that I got from HGSS Unleashed yesterday.

Entei & Raikou Legend (Bottom)
Suicune & Entei Legend (Bottom) x2
Raikou & Suicune Legend (Top) x2
Raikou & Suicune Legend (Bottom) x2

Steelix Prime x2
Lanturn Prime
Crobat Prime
Tyranitar Prime

Alph Lithograph


Well-Known Member
Here are most of the good cards that I got from HGSS Unleashed yesterday.

Entei & Raikou Legend (Bottom)
Suicune & Entei Legend (Bottom) x2
Raikou & Suicune Legend (Top) x2
Raikou & Suicune Legend (Bottom) x2

Steelix Prime x2
Lanturn Prime
Crobat Prime
Tyranitar Prime

Alph Lithograph

nice my pre release is on tuesday i am getting 16 packs + the sleeves and such i hope i do good :D


Well-Known Member
I got the Water And Grass Decks, Along with arcanine,lucario (pop 8) and Bottom Of Ho-oh legend:) and sum not important ones. lol. I wish i could go to prerelease tommorow, but its out of town AND im broke:(


Bird trainer
I picked up a package from the Post Office earlier, which contained a booster box of HGSS, both HGSS Poster Packs and a single pack of DP (a freebie from the site for spending over £15).

From the DP pack, I got a holo Pakia (pretty but already stuck in my tin of spare cards).

The four boosters between the Poster Packs yielded a Typhlosion Prime and a Shuckle, with one pack havig two reverse holo's inside (Flaaffy/Ariados).

The box turned out to be amazing. :) I pulled the top half of Lugia in my first pack and things just continued from there. I got:

Top/bottom of Lugia Legend
Top/bottom of Ho-oh Legend
Alph Lithograph
All of the Prime's

plus a ton of non-holo rare's and uncommon/common card. I got all excited about the Gyarados because I noticed the 'evolves from Magikarp' picture and thought I'd pulled the shiny Gyarados card. xD Very pleased with what I got, though, just need a few more holo's/rare's so I think I'll just buy up the single cards I need now.


TOP and Bottom Entei-Raikou Legend
2x Tyranitar Prime
2x Kingdra Prime
1x Steelix Prime
1x Alt Lithograph (HS-Unleashed)
Bottom Raikou-Suicune Legend
1x Rare Candy Reverse Holographic

I think that's all the noteworthy ones


Well-Known Member
Rares from UL prerelease:

Steelix x3 (2 Reverse holos, one regular O_O)
Kingdra Prime
Raikou-Suicune Legend Bottom

I didn't go to the side event because I got the Arceus Green tin. There was only one in stock, and I knew that it would cost like 50 dollars on Ebay, so I bought it. Here's what I got:

Arceus X Promo
Arceus Fighting
Luxray AR
Cursegar AR
Sceptile AR (the bad one)
Heatran LA
Raichu GL
Arcanine RR

LOL, the only good thing I got was the Cursegar, which I already have XD now I have it reverse holo...


I got a Japanese promo Luxray GL yesterday. That thing's annoyingly hard to find and pretty expensive. >_<


Dawn's number 1 fan™
My newest card is a metagross ex, which i got from trading my latias(i had doubles anyway). I also got back my old deoyxs card from ex emrald, because i traded my freind for it back. o.t. hope to get HS Unleashed sometime soon


Well-Known Member
ended up getting these
Raikou entei legend bottom
suicune entei bottom/top
raikou/suicune bottom
steelix prime


Pokemon God
My newest cards that i received recently include:

Ho-Oh Legend top
Ho-Oh Legend bottom
Pikachu M Lv. X (Japanese)
Mismagius GL Lv. X (Japanese)
Shaymin Lv. X - 127/127
Typhlosion Prime - 017/070 (Japanese)
Feraligatr Prime - 108/123
Floatzel GL Lv. X - 104/111
Vaporeon * - 102/108
Shining Raichu - 111/105
Ooyama's Pikachu - No. 025 (Japanese)
Wash Rotom - 033/090 1st Edition (Japanese)


Well-Known Member
got another suicune entei legend complete
kingdra prime
entei raikou top
ursaring prime

and merrek theres no such thing as quilava lvl x *sigh*


God of Fire
i got two hgss tins. feraligatr and typhlosion

i got sick pulls in the feraligatr tin but rubbish in typhlosion

hers what i got:

SW: Honchrow LV X!