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Your Newest Card




Well-Known Member
HGSS Poster Box:

Ho-oh Promo
Typhlosion GS
Clefable RH GS
Ho-oh Legend Top


God of Fire
i got:

Electivire FB LV X
Moltres Reprint
Zapdos Reprint
Articuno Reprint

and i think i said this, but i also got a charizard reprint =P


Well-Known Member
2 UL Blisters:

Regigigas X
Raikou Entei Top
Entei Suicune top
Crobat UL RH
Manaphy UL
Roserade UL
Dusknoir SF Spirit Pulse

GS Blister:

Mesprit LA
Raichu GS RH
Ariados GS


Infernape PL for Promocroak and Houndoom G (I almost cried)
Baltoy SV RH and Rare Candy for Power Spray and Mothim MD
Steelix UL RH for Machamp SF


New Member
Got four HS Unleashed booster packs today. Pulled Holo Metagross, Holo Octillery, Rare Ursaring and Rare Torkoal. Have only brought 8 packs to date and both holos and Torkoal I pulled from packs previously! I did get Crobat Prime and Lanturn in those though, which I suppose makes up for the pulls this time around.


God of Fire
Raichu lv x!!!!!!

Kaji Motomiya

It's my first time buying packs in a long time. Getting a Tin and Starter deck doesn't count. lol

Today, I bought 4 Diamond and Pearl [Secret Wonders] and 3 Platinum [Arceus] packs. I got...

Diamond and Pearl [Secret Wonders]
Suicune (pic holo)

Platinum [Arceus]
Charizard (pic holo)
Raichu (card holo)
Tangrowth (pic holo)
Arceus Grass

I like the fact that I pulled a Charizard (the one I needed =D) and an Arceus Grass in the SAME pack. Makes me feel happy.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Got some cards at a yard sale, and then some just from a few booster packs I bought at a swapmeet since they were $2.50 a pack so it was an ok deal:

Great Encounters:
Togekiss (Holo)
Rotom (Holo)
Latias (Rare)
Wailord (Rare)

Secret Wonders:
Jynx (Rare)
Sunflora (Rare)
Banette (Rare)

Jirachi (Holo)
Octillery (Holo)
Crobat (Rare)
Lucario (Rare)
Roserade (Rare)


God of Fire
Ancient mew =d


Well-Known Member
just opened a pack of hgss and got a donphan prime and jumpluff in the same one


I forgot to post this. :p These were the good cards that I got/traded for at the pre-release last Saterday.

Alph Lithograph (Black)
Kyogre & Groudon Legend (Bottom) x3
Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Bottom)
Umbreon Prime x2
Espeon Prime
Houndoom Prime
Scizor Prime
Raichu Prime
Slowking Prime

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
Got my prize from online competition in PokeGym

Arceus Tin
-Arceus X (Meteor blast)
-Snorlax X
-Luxray AR (H)
-Kricketune MT
-Crobat MT (RH)

-Mismagius UD (H)
-Persian HS (RH)
-Azumaril HS (H)
-Feraligatr HS (RH)
-Arcanine HS (H)
-Slowking HS (RH)
-Granbull HS

*And a few others i forgot*


Let's go to the beach, each.
I finally got the chance to buy some of the new Pokemon TCG Undaunted set booster packs. I bought 9 of those bad boys and got these cards, I also traded for a few:

-Drifblim (Rare)
-Dodrio (Rare)
-Rotom (Rare)
-Tropius (Rare)
-Honchkrow (Rare) traded for Hariyama (Rare)
-Houndoom (Holo Rare)
-Scizor (Holo Rare)
-Umbreon (Holo Rare) traded for Togekiss (Holo Rare)

The Phoenix Lodge

Well-Known Member
Found these in Japan today...
(am pretty sure that they are legit)
(all pic and border holo)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I recently got paid so I decided to spend some cash on some rare Pokemon Trading Cards. I purchased these from the Undaunted set while I was at my local hobby shop:

-Leafeon (Rare)
-Skarmory (Rare)
-Metagross (Rare)
-Weavile (Rare)
-Espeon (Holo Rare)
-Gliscor (Holo Rare)


I went to the Triumphant pre-release yesterday. Here are the good cards I pulled and/or traded for.

Palkia & Dialga Legend (top) x2
Palkia & Dialga Legend (bottom) x2
Darkrai & Cresselia Legend (top)
Darkrai & Cresselia Legend (bottom) x2

Electrode Prime x3
Mew Prime x2
Gengar Prime
Yanmega Prime
Machamp Prime
Magnezone Prime
I have been buying the occasional pack recently due to he HG/SS boosters. I haven't bought them since the Gym cards way back when...

I was pleased yesterday when i pulled the top half of the Entei/Raikou Legend card from my pack xD The first awesome card i've had since i was wee!

The pack also contained two Larvitars, a Pupitar and Tyranitar (reversed holo) which was highly pleasing!

Oh my, some of you are so lucky!


New Member
My newest (good) card is a red Gyarados from one of the Heartgold and Soul Silver packs.