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Your Nuzlocking Experiences


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I've never completed a run.
Pearl: My Gastrodon died in a self destruct incident before Maylene. Everything else was weak or too difficult to evolve (Ponyta) so I quit.
HeartGold: Machoke, Graveler and Gloom, all crazily over levelled died against Jasmine.
White: Starter died on lv. 7 to a critical hit on route 2, Lenora took care of everything else.
White: Slightly better. Beat Lenora, but had first deaths (Herdier and Timburr, both lv. 22) Pansear and Dewott were both killed by a ranger in Pinwheel forest, leaving me with a Pidove. Rage quit.

I've would love to do one in B2W2, because the areas are all so diverse, but I will never delete my W2 game because I have the shiny charm, so I'm kinda relying on my brother deleting his game.


Hey Scotty,Jesus Man
Just eat Elesa. I was expecting a death, but I managed to beat her safe and clean :D
Now I'm heading to Driftvel an I'll catch a Ducklett and hopefully something good at Route 6

Edit: OK, so I caught my Ducklett and went to Route 6... It was a Deerling and I killed it :/ Better luck next time ^^
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I haven't done a Nuzlocke before... But I plan on starting one in my SS file soon, after I finish SRing to find a good Nature Groudon... Looks really fun.

Just eat Elesa. I was expecting a death, but I managed to beat her safe and clean :D

What did she taste like?


I was doing great in my Leaf Green Nuzlocke until I got destroyed by a Golbat in Victory Road. Embarrassing, I know.

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I had one going in Black a while back. I gave up because I got bored with it/busy, but it had been fairly successful. There were a few close calls when all I had was my starter (don't remember who it was, boxed it after the first gym) and a Patrat.

As soon as I caught a Drilbur everything went incredibly smoothly. I stopped playing when I hit Chargestone cave and had only been using Excadrill and Sawsbuck.

Thinking about starting one on SoulSilver or White 2 (if I decide to buy it, not erasing Black 2).

Jonah the Slaking

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My Feraligatr just died... :C Critical Return from Blue's Gyarados. My first lost starter ever.


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I was doing a Nuzlocke Challenge on HeartGold but I lost my starter at level 8 due to a critical hit from a Rattata and Whitney took care of everyone else.


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I've done several, in fact I'm about to start an Emerald one.


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Did a White run before. Won with loss of emboar (damn ghetis hydregion) and a bayheeyem, but the other four lived.

Doing a firered run with ivysaur and pidgey so far. At Mt. Moon. with no losses yet


I tried Nuzlocking in my Sapphire version...probably a couple years ago.
Did not get very far. I think I got maybe 2 badges before I just gave up on it.
I knew it would be a challenge though. Maybe if I get bored enough one day I'll try it again...but it's doubtful.


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Alright, after some tough nuzlocking, here's the next update! After a very successful go at Brawly, I head over to Slateport via Mr. Briney and Peeko, we land on the beach and my team decides to tear the whole place to shreds. I head into Slateport and progress northward through the long way to Mauville, I pick up a Gulpin and name him Guppy, Modest... Meh! I easily destroy May with the help of a couple hyper potions of course, but my team suffered minimal damage, then I head on into Mauville, as of now I am level grinding for the Winstrate family and Watson, feeling quiet confident as of now!

Current Team:

Amigo (Lombre) Lv. 25 <-- This guy has saved my behind so many times it's not even funny
Mr. Cuddles (Loudred) Lv. 23
Ace (Swellow) Lv. 24
Swarm (Golbat) Lv. 23
Guppy (Gulpin) Lv. 19


Tochu (Combusken) Lv. 18 Cause of Death= Roxanne's Nosepass
Ruff (Poochyena) Lv. 12 Cause of Death= Roxanne's Nosepass
Soar (Wingull) Lv. 12 Cause of Death= Roxanne's Nosepass
Pook (Cascoon) Lv. 8 Cause of Death= Lucky Crit. by a Wild Taillow
you should do it.
Although you'll suffer some loses, its really fun.
I recommend Soulsilver, because its one of the biggest games of the Pokemon series.
Milktank's stomp+attract is annoying, but if you have a fighting type pokemon its not too hard

On my Electric Hg Monorun, I used Kenya the Spearow to lure Miltank into a Rollout, allowing a victory.

I did a Ruby Nuzlocke, losing Carl the Slakoth to a Zigzagoon's crit (I would have beat it, too!), then everyone else (Chucoboo the Torchic, Nuts the Seedot, and Winona the Wingull) to Roxanne all because Winona was 1hitting the Geodudes, and I thought I could take on Nosepass. Nope.
On Blue, I beat Brock (no deaths) with Mrdinosaur (all caps) the Charmander, Wormy the Butterfree, Ratters the Rattata, and Fevvers the Pidgey, all around level 10-12. In Mt. Moon, I lost Wormy to the lv16 Raticate, and along the way lost Ratters, a couple Zubat, and maybe Fevvers. Or maybe Aero (another Pidgey). I'm out, but I need some AA's to continue.


Hey Scotty,Jesus Man
Cleared Route 6 and Clay's Gym with no losses. Hoping I can survive his Excadrill with no deaths, but it's going to be really hard


alright so nuzlocking heartgold then i forget after you beat team rocket after slowpoke well you fight your rival

i was not ready for the fight i won but i lost Wayne my zubat he was so close to beating his bayleef so close!!!!!!!!
Really, really enjoying my Soul Silver Nuzlocke, first I've ever done. After doing the trainer number thing I got Totodile (I nicknamed all of my team, but for clarity's sake it's easier to refer to them by their species' name). Trained up through the first section and got a Pidgey, Spearow and Mareep before Falkner. As you'd expect, Mareep was the star v Falkner, sweeping his team with his type advantage. After doing a bit more training I was through to Azalea. Here, after dealing with Bugsy comfortably thanks to Spearow and Pidgeotto, I forgot about the rival, wandered to close to the gate and he caught me. Spearow was in the lead and after fighting bravely v Gastly, lost his life against a perpetually synthesising Meganium who whittled my HP down with Poisonpowder. I was definitely surprised at how Spearow's demise affected me, I really started to panic when it dawned on me he was going down. He got critical hit by Magic Leaf before I could withdraw him. Croconaw dealt with Bayleef and Zubat easily as he'd had no part in the gym victory. In the forest I unfortunately stumbled across Weedle as my capture. In the next area, Drowzee became the fourth member of my team. Not too bad, a Psychic type's decent to have and at least it wasn't a Pidgey or Spearow again.

After grinding a little (you know what lies deep in that gym) I added Nidoran Male to my team and evolved him. On to fight Whitney. I can't recall if she had a Clefairy or not, if she did I dealt with it quickly. I kept double-kicking with Nidorino and she used a super potion twice as I was about to end it. Eventually I chanced it a bit too close and lost Nidorino through indecision. Really annoyed at myself, second 'death.' The third came shortly after. I sent in Weedle (to my shame I hadn't trained him) to poison Miltank. Out he went, as expected. Three deaths. Croconaw came in and swept up my mess without any further losses. Really sombre after this defeat, another badge but two team-mates lost.

More grinding and unable to catch Sudowoodo as I'd already caught Nidoran on that route. I added a Machop to my side and boxed a Rattata that I caught also. Also got a Magnemite but boxed him as I didn't want to double up on electric types. Machop became Machoke and Croconaw a Feraligatr before I fought Morty. I expected Morty's Pokemon to be higher (for some reason was expecting Gengar to be at lv.30?) so had overleveled and swept his team with Feraligatr's fearsome crunch.

After a jaunt across the waves, it was time to best Chuck. I added a Tentacool but boxed it. Drowzee helped me out by evolving in Chuck's gym against one of the trainers. My team was now Feraligatr, Hypno, Machoke, Pidgeotto and Ampharos. Not bad. Primeape was pretty easy, but that Poliwrath really put up a great fight. I almost lost Pidgeotto when his surf took me right the way down to 3 hp. In went Hypno who he ironically hynpotised, so Ampharos came out to deal a little damage. He too was put to sleep so it was Machoke's turn. Machoke weakened Poliwrath before, predictably, being put to sleep. Had to turn to Feraligtr, who I'm a bit concerned is picking up too much slack for my team. I'd barely leveled since Morty so this one was close (in fact I think Poliwrath was a higher level than any of my team). Feraligatr's moveset is Crunch, Ice Fang, Surf and Agility, so every attack move was not very effective. I managed to whittle him down whilst using a full heal to get Hypno awake. After he missed a focus punch, I switched in Hypno and got a lucky critical Psybeam to finish off a nervy encounter where all my pokemon had either status ailments or less than half health. That Poliwrath is a beast, beware.

I'm going to do some training on the way to the Safari Zone to bulk up a bit for Jasmine. Hopefully I'll evolve Pidgeotto before then.

One question I need answered, is it ok for me to trade over my Machoke to evolve him, or is that forbidden in a Nuzlocke? I don't mind keeping a Machoke, but obviously I'd prefer to evolve if it is allowed.

Cap'N Crunch the Feraligatr.
La Croix the Pidgeotto.
Bernheim the Hypno.
Marlowe the Machoke.
Ra the Ampharos.

RIP Showunmi the Spearow, Fusilli the Weedle and Plato the Nidorino. You'll be missed.


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I Nuzlocke on occasion. My first Nuzlocke, an Emerald Nuzlocke, was a disaster though. I ended up getting a game over very early on. I weakened a Shroomish to red HP. I threw a Pokeball, and got the "Shoot! It was so close, too!" message. The Shroomish then managed to kill my Treecko with an unexpected crit. After losing my Lv7 Zigzagoon prior, I was stuck with an Lv4 Wurmple and Lv2 Poochyena. I was pertty much desperate to catch the thing at this point, but it escaped all three of the extra Pokeballs I threw.

Later on, I decided to try a Pokemon Black Randomizer Nuzlocke. I had quite a blast with it, and made sure not to repeat the same mistakes I made in my Emerald Nuzlocke. By the time I beat Ghetsis, my team was this:

•Mythril: Staraptor ♂ Lv54 <- By far, my MVP in that run.
•Nautilus: Kingdra ♂ Lv50
•Reid: Roserade ♂ Lv52
•Vesna: Scolipede ♀ Lv51 <- Died in the end to that blasted Hydreigon.
•Jet Star: Garchomp ♂ Lv51
•Hallow: Spiritomb ♀ Lv38 <- Honestly more of a filler Poke since I lost my Aerodactyl in the E4. RIP Galio. :<

My Snivy starter didn't die, but I boxed it when I caught a Roselia.

I'm now considering going for a Black 2 Randomizer Nuzlocke.