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Your oldest pokemon.

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
In Japan, Diamond and Pearl were released in Sep. 28th, 2006. In America, they were released in April 22nd, 2007.

Aside from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, who is your oldest pokemon (that you have right now)?

It has to be my Torterra, Stanly. He's in the Ranch now, but he was caught around the same day as my Crobat, Charlie, was. Somewhere on May 28th, 2007. As for said Crobat, I caught him on Jun. 2, 2007.

Ah, the memories...

the jman

Ak47 I choose you!
my oldest pokemon ever was years and years ago. Good ol' charmander.

Rival Gary challenged you to a pokemon battle!
Gary sent out Squirtle!
Charmander used scratch
Squirtle used tackle
Charmander used Growl
Squirtle used tail whip
Charmander used scratch
Squirtle used tail whip
Charmander used scratch
Squirtle used tackle
Charmander used scratch.

Squirtle fainted! you gained 68 experience points.
Charmander leveled up!
Charmander learned ember!


Movers and Shakers
I don't have my starter Piplup from Pearl anymore :[ I traded it for a Mewtwo.

My oldest Pokemon between generation IV games would probably either be Golem or Gengar. I used both of them on my initial play through, and they're still in my box. Gyarados might be another contender.

It's weird to think that every single Pokemon you've hatched since you've owned either Diamond or Pearl are all technically less than three years old.


Mine is Chikorita back in Gold Version. The Meganium on my team now is one of its decedents.


Better Than Thou
Mine used to be a Sceptile on my ruby version...until I erased it :(

Now I'm pretty sure it's my Blaziken from Emerald.


Shiny get!
My oldest 4th gen pokemon is my Diamond Infernape. He's still resting peacefully in my diamond with the rest of my diamond pokemon.

Coffee Prosecutor

Coffee Trainer
I once had a Diamond version(stolen GOOD uncheated Pokis)
Uhm my Blaziken WAS it
I had it since Ruby when the game appeared
and I had it then in firered then in emerald and then in my Diamond *sniffs*

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
My oldest Pokemon is my Sceptile that i traded over from my Ruby game to my Pearl game.
My Blastoise in Gold.
It's 11 years old.

The oldest one I actually use is Armaldo, he's 6.


Well-Known Member
mine was a Venusaur from my old Red Version

the oldest i used owned was my Swampert until my backstabbing friend stole it along with all of my pokemon from Sapphire and Leaf Green
right now the oldest is my Torterra in Platinum
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Is Billy Corgan
the oldest pokemon I have on the newest generation of games is my vaporeon probably, but the metagross I have may be from my ruby version, not sure. I don't think I had the patience to get a metagross then though ;l


Well-Known Member
my oldest pokemon is my pikachu that was my starter in Yellow, christmas 99,..almost ten years old now :)

But since the first two gens are pretty much obsolete,.. my first pokemon of the third gen was my treeko,..now my sceptile who I still have on my team to this day. March 19th, 2003, day of ruby and sapphire's US release.


*Gasp* He's back!
It was a certain pidgey, but now it's my trusty Clefable (Since all those that were caught before it in firered are either gone or deleted)

The Nemesis

Ditto Farmer
Since I don't have my copies of Blue or Yellow anymore, the oldest surviving Pokemon I have is most likely the now-Charizard I got at the start of LeafGreen. Sadly I don't have the date it is from since I migrated it to Pearl and it lists the transfer date.

the oldest pokemon I can find record of is my Piplup from the start of Pearl, dated May 16, '07 and an Alakazam that I caught as an Abra on the same day. If I had to guess I would say that my Charizard would be from about 2 years earlier.

EDIT: It kind of makes me sad to think about the fact that we couldn't save pokemon as easily with RBY or GSC. I remember the Gengar I had in Blue that just destroyed everything. Except psychics because gamefreak forgot to not make the ghosts second-type poison and thus super vulnerable.
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