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Your Online Self vs. Your IRL Self


Electric Rodent
Do you or people you know from the internet act dramatically different online than when they're in person? The most common thing I hear is "I'm outgoing and hyper on the internet and shy in person". ... but I'm actually really really outgoing in person. I'd rather webcam or Skype with someone on the internet than IM them. And online I tend to hide most of my accounts because I don't want strangers looking at my stuff, but in person I'll just walk up to people and be like "HI". x3

What about you guys?
I am extremely shy and quiet when offline that is the only thing that changes about me when offline. ^_^
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I'm not josh'n
I am more shy and quiet when offline that is the only thing that changes about me when offline. ^_^


inb4 mod saying they're a god.
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DaTreeko =3

Be VERY afraid.
My friend acts like some sort of mean-popular-girl online, but in real life, she is really nice and outgoing.

I'm shy in real life, even with close friends. I can be talkative sometimes, but usually I'm the girl who never talks.
Online though, I'm outgoing. Maybe a bit shy when I first join a fourm.



Hollen i ven.
I'm the same online and offline! Probably a little more shy offline, if anything at all, haha!


Why yes, it exists
I'm really not much different at all. I don't try to be anyone I'm not either IRL or online.


Well-Known Member
IRL I'm more shy, not to mention silly. Online, I tend to have a better vocabulary because I find it easier to spell all of the obscure words I know than to pronounce them.


Grand Arbiter II
Um... wow. o_o;

lol, he is no ***.

IRL, I'm sometimes confident and sociable, sometimes shy, sometimes I like to be by myself. I don't share much with strangers. I'm a little self-conscious, but I can act with bravado at times too.

Online, I am who I wish. The one thing I have in common with reality and virtuality is that I like being devil's advocate sometimes.


K-9 Brigade
I am quite of a bi-atch online sometimes and really straight to the point always, but IRL I'm pretty shy around strangers and I don't say too much. I act quite differently against my friends tho, quite as who I am online.


formerly R. New
I'm marginally more outgoing online, a bit more of a **** online, make more failed attempts at humour online and 'speak' differently online. I use more big words and fewer slang words (or no slang words).