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Your Online Self vs. Your IRL Self


The Moral Aethiest
Pretty much the same, though I have a friend who is a good balance of serious and non-serious online, and then becomes completely childish in real life, I wish she was more serious, but what can you do. I used to be much more shy in real life but got over that.

Recovery 8

Rocket Boss
The sme really, I talk quiet and sly (or thats what my friends tell me.). I don't know I just don't think I act much differant except I'm more violant offline.
I don't really look like a Blaziken, and my name isn't really "jesusfreak94." But other than that, you shouldn't find any difference between my real life self and my online self.

Marbi Z

Online I am known only as Marbi Z... The Radical Diehard Nintendo Gamer and activist for Pokesexuality... My Offline self however is the polar opposite... A very kind and socable person who believes in GOD and respects others. Marbi Z is what you would call an alter ego.
I am SUPER antisocial in RL because my face to face people skills suck >.<

Same thing with me, actually. I would never, ever start a conversation with anyone I don't know.. I don't even talk to people I do know unless they ask me something. Then I'll just reply and awkward silence will follow.

I'm different on the internet, but it's not that I'm really rude on the internet and very nice in person.. It's just so much easier to engage a conversation with someone on the internet. Mostly because, well, when you're on a Pokémon forum, at least you know that the other person you're talking too most likely likes Pokémon as well, for example.


TCG Trainer
I'm somewhat bro-ish in real life.

Well, while that's partially true (I'll rock Brolos from time to time) I at least attempt to be the same person on here as I am in real life, minus the vulgar language I have in real life at times. I'm a little shy when it comes to talking to people I don't know, but once I actually get to know someone I have absolutely no issue being a chatterbox and saying pretty much anything. I would say I'm very social in both respects.


<--- Currently REing
I'm generally really quiet in real life, always listening to metal and having a 'Pissed Off With the World' aura around me. Online, I'm generally the opposite.


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Online and Real life?
Hmm...I'm basically the same.
I'm just a little more obnoxious in the internet I guess.


Hm. My irl self is much creepier than my internet incarnation, I think. She's very detached, very quiet, and almost anti-social in a way?
One of those sorts of people who finds a dead cat in the woods, then cuts it up and brings the head home with her. She daydreams a lot to...

Internet me is pretty much the result of a desperate need for social interaction and for voicing what I think and do.
(Text is...a far more appealing form of conversation to me.) She's more sarcastic, more outwardly creepy, and I suppose more blunt and vain?

I'm a wonderful person, I know. You don't have to compliment me. ;I


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I think I'm just more out going online, and apparently according to many people irl I flirt with every moving thing of the opposite sex, they say its a condition, hah!

Also, Level up!


I think I'm a bit nicer and very much less sarcastic online xD Otherwise I'm pretty much the same, I'm much louder IRL though.


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i am much nicer and less annoying online. :/

i think i'm a lot more shy irl as well, since i somehow make a lot of friends online where i only have five offline.

also, offline, i'm antisocial, and barely anyone at my school besides my five friends talks to me unless they want to borrow one of my books or look at my music in band class (mainly because the people i hang out with are the only girls that aren't popular in my school).


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IRL I am very shy around people who I am not friends with and I don't have a lot of friends