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Your Online Self vs. Your IRL Self


much more beastly
Online, i try to act cooler than I actually am. Although in real life, I couldnt care less abouth what others think about me.


<-- He will find you
Myself in real, I am pretty different actually I talk quite a bit online, yet in real I am just a normal shy person, don't like to talk.. I'm one of them " I hate the world" kind of person, haha, no but really i'm quite different


Unidentified Ghost
In real life: Hmm...I guess the only difference is that I wouldn't just talk to random strangers. It feels less creepy online...maybe it shouldn't.

I tend to try to be nice to other people and be myself no matter what I'm doing. Except, nobody in real life would seriously call me 'Ghostie', or any of the other things I've called myself online. XD


Teehee Slayer
In real life: *dances around and waves at you, not evening knowing who you are. then walks over and tries to joke about something*

online: "So, you wanted to do a trade? Sure! i can help you with that! Just started the game and you don't have anything? no problem! I'm still down to help!"

I am very talkative in both "worlds" but being that In real life You can be more animated i would say i am a bit more easy going and friendlier. Most poeple online aren't very friendly so I try to distance myself from the mean grumpy people. I am just too nice to deal with that.


Queen of Charizards!
well pretty much im both what i am both in real and online. I'm a really nice person, I tend to be funny, I hate when people say bad things about others.

One thing though is I usually have trobule talking with people in real, but pretty much i'm overcoming that.

annabel lee

alesana freeeeak.
online - over confident, harsh, sarcastic, really hyper, talkative, aggressive
irl - really not confident at all, harsh, sarcastic, kinda hyper, nice, talkative, aggressive

yay. :3


[Something funny]
I talk alot more online then IRL.

IRL Im quite shy and quite.


Asrun Dream
I'm pretty much the same online as I am irl :/ I'm just a little more outgoing/ random irl.


New Member
In real life, I try to think positively about myself and others, and keep an upbeat attitude. Making conversations with others can be a lot of fun! I try to do so with my online self, although for me, it's a bit more difficult if I cannot make visual contact with the other person. That's not to say I can't, though :p

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
I usually get to look offline, so that I can oly talk with who I want. And in Real Life, I 'm very shy


Well-Known Member
I'm 50% more shy IRL, but I'm a great person if i can trust people enough..

on the net im more someone who keeps things to herself, if i can say something when i have a chance to i just won't, also i just be as nice as i can be so i wont hurt people's feelings